My imagination

It a story about a girl named Emma and what happens in her head.
I wrote this for the Other worlds competition. The firts two chapters may be a little boring but it gets better later. Please comment and tell me what you whink1


3. The truth

- Home? - I said.
- Yes, this is your true home. The place where you are most of the time. You are in The Land of Imagination. The place where all the stories happen. - the man said.
- Ok. And why am I here?
- You need to save your world. And learn a lesson.
- What do you mean by save my world?
- I suppose you noticed you can't finish your story. That's because you lack people.
What was he talking about? Did he have any mental problems or what? I tried not showing my emotion.
- And what do you mean by that?
- When you imagine something, someone should do it. For example if you imagine someone eating chokolate someone has to eat it. The people who do it are the ones in The Land of Imagination. They do what you want them to. Each person in the HUMAN world has his own people from the IMAGINATION world. You can't change them. Some humans have lazy people and they can't be really imaginative. Others like you have hardworking people. So they can be imaginative. Тhe thing is, sometimes your people can't do what you want from them. For example if you tell one of them to eat a peanut, but he is alergic to them, then he becomes bloated and he needs a brake. So someone else replaces him. Humans don't notice that. Your problem is that you make your people fight with monsters and they get killed. So they need to be replaced again again and again. So the ministry decided you are no longer allowed to use people for your stories.
I was shocked! Who are they to tell me how to imagine things? And all these things were happening without we knowing? People were dying? And this didn't answer my question - WHY AM I HERE?
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