My imagination

It a story about a girl named Emma and what happens in her head.
I wrote this for the Other worlds competition. The firts two chapters may be a little boring but it gets better later. Please comment and tell me what you whink1


5. The big day

So tomorrow came very fast. I wasn't able to sleep for a big part of the night, so I wasn't very energetic in the morning. We woke up at six after all. Plus we had to walk ten kilometers to the battlefield. To sum up - not my best morning. But enough about this. The battlefield was not what I expected. It was a huge stadium. Bigger than any other I've been to. People were seated all around. All the seats were taken. In the front row there were a few people dressed in some very expensive looking clothes. They were looking around with a facial expression saying "I am more important than you". I suppose they were the judges. One of them got up his chair and the whole stadium went silent. Then he spoke.

- Hello to everyone. I am glad we are all here today to observe how these young people are fighting for their rights. Each of them has something stolen by us and we agreed to give to the winner a special prize. Some of you may be asking "Who is the winner? How do we know?". The answer to this question is simple. A few monsters will enter the arena in a minute. The player who manages to come to us first is the winner.

Monsters? We were suppesed to fight against monsters?! What happened to "you just need your brain"?! I am a horrible athlete! And I got scared of things bigger than me! I bet I would die in the first two minutes! There must be some way out! And then the monsters came out. They were all huge and scary. Big teeth, stinking breath, claws and so on. How can I beat them? What was I supposed to do?! And then it came to me. A lifesaving thought. They didn't say I have to fight with the monsters. They just said I have to get to the front row. That meant I can just pass through the corridors where the visitors reached their seats from. And I did so. I was careful that noone could see me. I went through the long dark corridors and finally I found the one leading to the front row. The people were really suprised to see me there.

- What do you think you are doing?! - one of them said.

- I reached you. That was my task, wasn't it? May I have my prize?

They all looked shocked and puzzled. They definitely didn't like my way of winning. But if they wanted me to fight they should have said so.

- All right young lady, you get your prize. It's a wish. You wish something and we get it done. - that was their final decission. What was I supposed to wish? To get my people back of course! But what about the others? They fought for nothing? That's not fair. I should do something about it. It was decided what my wish would be:

- I want all the competitors to get what they came here for.

The "I am more important than you" men were not happy with my wish but they had to obey.

- Ok, young lady. Than all of you get what's stolen.

I saved everyone! I did it! I was the hero in this tale! I couldn't believe it! Then I heard someone saying:

- Emma. Come here. I am not waiting for long.

Suddenly I felt something soft under my head and something covering my whole body. I turned around and realised I was lying in my bed. At home. And my mother was calling me for breakfast. So it was all a dream? That couldn't be possible! It seemed so real. I guess I would never be the hero in any story. I got out of bed, put my clothes and packed my books for school. Then I found something on my desk. A story. The same story I was writting last night. But this time it was finished! It was all finished! So it was not a dream! I did save my people!



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