My imagination

It a story about a girl named Emma and what happens in her head.
I wrote this for the Other worlds competition. The firts two chapters may be a little boring but it gets better later. Please comment and tell me what you whink1


1. The begginig

Hi, I'm Emma and this is my story. I am fifteen years old, but doesn't really matter, because I'm different from teenagers. I don't spend my time thinking about love, flirts, alcohol and things like that. You would say "She is one of those nerdy kids", but I am not one of them either. I don't care about school. I care about one thing - writting. All I think of is stories. Fantasy stories. With dragons, knights and princes. My plans for the future - Beeing the next J.K.Rowling. I will write a story even better than Harry Potter! That is me in a few sentences. But lets start with my story.
I was sitting in my room, writting of course, when my mother told me to go downstairs for dinner. Horrible timing! I was just writing the story of sir Peter, who was saving his true love Kate from a dragon. It was a tough battle. The dragon was spitting fire all around the place. His huge mouth was full of huge white teeth. They were trying to split Peter into pieces, but the knight managed to escape. He almost got split one time. Then an idea came to him. He could kill the dragon. And then my mother called me. How come mothers never get their children!? Anyways, it was dinner time, so I went downstairs to eat. Dinner was awfull! I ate one piece of whatever it was and asked if I can leave. After all Peter was waiting.
- You may not leave. This is family dinner and we will eat together. - said my father.
- But dad! I have to finish my story! Plus we have family time every weekend when we visit granny.
- One weekend is not enough. We need more.
- But I am not hungry anymore!
- You ate ONE piece of broccoli. You can't be finished!
- Is that what it was, because it tastes like puke.
- Young lady, someone worked hard to cook this for you. So you can eat and not die or become anorexic. You should be thanfull!
- Someone was payed to cook for me.
- You know what, I am tired of this conversation! Go to your room if you want it so much!
I left the dining room and went back to my room happy. Dad was so easy to get! I make a scandal and BOOM - I'm sent to my room. So, I went back to my room to finish the story, but something strange had happened. I couldn't remember what was the knight going to do. I couldn't remember anything about him. Who was he? Why was he fighting? But the more curious thing was, that the paper with the story was blank. Completely blank. Really strange!
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