The Dream

About a girl who's dream was just to see one direction in concert and just for them to look at her but will this dream come true and something else happen to her?


4. The first date

(Y/N POV) The day after the concert i called harry and he picked up with in the first 2 rings. He had asked me out and i said yes. He was going to come and pick me up at 6:00 and it was 4:00. I ran into the shower. I picked out my clothes so i when to go do my hair and make up. For my make up i did a smokey look and i put my hair half up half down and curled it. I looked at the clock and it was 5:30 so i ran and picked out a silvery purple dress and put that on and then i picked out some sparkly silver heel. I had one last look before i heared the door bell ring. I heard harry talking to my mum.

(HARRY'S POV) I rang her door bell and her mum answered the door. She let me in and she told me to wait in the living room and she called (y/n). I heard her coming down the stairs i turned around and saw the beautiful (y/n) walking down the stairs and she looked amazing. We left her house and we got in the car and drove away.

(Y/N POV) we drove in silence. It was a little awkward until we stoped. Harry hopped out and opened my door for me. What a gentleman. We were at the beach and i looked around and saw a blanket with a picnic basket on the floor with all different kind of candles around it. I turned around and looked into his eyes, what perfect eyes he has. He leaded me over to the basket and we sat down and he pulled out the food and we started to talk.

(HARRY'S POV) i looked into her eyes as she talked what beautiful eyes she had then i moved my eyes down to her lips. They were the right shade of pick not do dark. I just wanted to kiss thoes lips. As we were talking i signeled for the violin person to start playing as it did i got up and asked her to dance.
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