The Dream

About a girl who's dream was just to see one direction in concert and just for them to look at her but will this dream come true and something else happen to her?


3. The concert

As we arived we got out of the car and headed for the VIP entrence. We showed the bodygared out tickets and VIP passes and they let us though. We went tomour seat as the concert was about to start in 2 minutes. Then the room when black and the count down started 5 4 3 2 1 AHHHHHH!!!!!!! All the girls scream then they boys came jumping out from different parts of the stage and started to sing "What Makes You Beautiful" we started to sing along with them. They sang some more songs and then they started to sing "Gotta Be You" i started to say what happens if one of them come over to my part of the stage what souldmi do? Do i look alright? And i started to freak my self out when harry came over to my part of the stage point right at me and started to sing to me and looked my directly in the eyes. I felt my heart pumping really fast i almost felt like it was going to come out my cheast. Then the song ended and he started to walk away still looking at me in the eyes. After the concert finshed we got to go back stage and meet the boys. So we got told to wait in a room and not to leave it. We waited for 5 minutes and then the doors opened and Niall, Louie, Zayn, Liam and Harry walked in. The ofered us a set and they took one right across from us. We started to talk but the whole time i keeped catching harry stairing at me and he woukd catch me stairing at him. After our time was up we got up hugged all the boys and headed for the door but harry stoped me put a peice of paper in my hand and said call me. The next day i called him and we met up at a coffee shop and that was a start to a wonderful relashionship.
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