The Dream

About a girl who's dream was just to see one direction in concert and just for them to look at her but will this dream come true and something else happen to her?


2. Getting ready

I called my bestfriend Molly up to tell her the good news and to see if she wanted to come with me. She screamed into the phone and yelled YES!!!. The concert was 1 day away and there was a lot of stuff to do before a concert, get your hair done, make up, what clothes, shoes and jewlery. We met up and jayjays and started to shop around and look at our favourite shops. At the end of our shopping speer molly got some coloured leggings with a blue tank top with some nikes. I got some blue skinny jeans with a purple tanks top with convers. FINALLY the day of the concert was here YES!!!! Lucky that night molly's mum and my mum allowed for molly to sleep over so we could get ready together. As we were getting ready we put on some 1S music to get us even more pumped up for the concert.
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