The Dream

About a girl who's dream was just to see one direction in concert and just for them to look at her but will this dream come true and something else happen to her?


1. Dream

I was at a One Direction concert, front row seats, jumping up and down and scream the lyrics to the songs as the boys sang. They started to sing "Gotta Be You" girls got their phones out and started to waves them side to side in the air so i did the same. As Harry Styles was singing he came over to my side of the stage and started to point and me and sing to me. I started to feel dizzy and butterflys in my tummy. I couldn't believe that Harry Styles was singing to me. He started to grab my hand and pull me on stage and continued to sing to me. As he was singing he stoped put the microphone down by his side and started to lean in and so i started to do the same. As our lips were inches aways from each other i can hear my name being called but in my mothers voice and it gets louder and louder and then..... BAM i woke up unable to finsh my dream. It was my 17th birthday today and my mum was standing at the end of my bed with a cake and an envolope. She came and sat next to me and put the cake infront of my so i could blow out my candles. Next she handed my the envolope and she backed aways with i smile on her face. I looked at her wierdly but then riped open my envolpe. I SCREAMED MY HEAD OFF!!!!!! IT WAS 2 TICKETS TO ONE DIRECTIONS CONCERT AND FRONT ROW SEATS WITH BACK STAGE PASSES!!!! I hugged her for a long time and i must of said "thank you" at least 40 times. I don't think i've ever been this happy in my life ever.
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