Summer Romance

A car crash means good news for 18 year old zara


2. Getting Home

                                                                                     Niall's P.O.V

I knew Zayn and Harry liked Zara as much as me but they always get the girls so I should get Zara. The car ride to her house was pretty silent until I asked Zara a question. " where do you come from?" I peeped up, she whispered back " Westmeath, in Ireland". Then Harry saw us whispering so he grabbed her phone, passed it round the lads and they all put their phone numbers in. I did too. After that she yawned and fell asleep on my shoulder, I smiled but Zayn just gave me an evil look. Zara was still asleep when we arrived so I carried her bridal style to the door and knocked on it. A boy of about 7 answered" WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ZARA, I'LL KILL WHOEVER HURT MY SISTER!" "Jake, Shush I'm watching family guy." someone inside answered " Jake, Your big sister was hit by our car and she needs to lie down.. Where's her bed?" Louis smiled. "It's the room filled with toys upstairs." he whispered trying not to wake her up "Thanks" Liam replied gratefully

                                                                                     Louis' P.O.V

When Harry peeped round the bedroom door, all he said was "It is absolutely LAYERED of posters of us and Harry potter."

After she was carefully lying on bed Liam said "We should wait until she wakes up to make sure she's ok." So We all waited until she finally woke up. The first thing she murmured was "Is this real or am I on those prank shows I watch?" "It's real babe." said Harry. All of us except Niall went downstairs then.

                                                                                 Zara's P.O.V

When everyone went downstairs, Niall stayed so we talked for a while until something unexpected happened......... He kissed me. It was only a quick peck on the cheek but after he pulled away I gave him a long, passionate one on the lips. They felt so soft against mine. After that we went down stairs and the kiss was kept silent until Harry asked what we did up there. I simply replied Niall gave me his IPod because mine was broke in the crash. We watched Paranormal Activity 2 but I got scared so I hid in Niall's chest for most of it. I went to bed when it finished but I couldn't get to sleep because I was thinking of Niall. I opened my phone and saw the boys' numbers and since they had gone I texted Niall. "I can't get to sleep, I can only think of you." He replied almost instantly "Should I come over?" "Please?" I replied. I waited at the door for him and when he arrived he slept in my bed with me

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