Summer Romance

A car crash means good news for 18 year old zara


1. Car Crash


                                                                       Liam's P.O.V

Paul turned round"so boys what are we calling the new album then?" "STOP" was all I could shout but it was too late, there was the girl flat on the floor, we were the cause of it. " Let's help her." said Zayn "Yeah" called Niall. "Found Something" screeched Louis. It was an 18th birthday card that read " to zara happy birthday from nicole" She's called Zara then." "I've found her IPod, she was listening to us and we nearly killed her." I said


                                                                               Zara's P.O.V

 There I was reading the 18th birthday card Nicole gave me.One thing came on and its my favourite song so I plugged the headphones in and turned my IPod up. I looked across the road and crossed. I closed my eyes to listen to the beat then my eyes went black. When I woke my vision was blurry so I thought " why are there 5 guys standing round me" but when my vision adjusted I saw it was One Direction. I was shocked as it was my favourite band but I played it cool. "You're Umm One Direction Aren't you?" "What happened? I asked. " Where do you live and Zayn will explain on the way?" Louis said "61 Johnson Road" I said



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