It's a new day

Hey, my name is Mandy. All I have is my best friend, Jessica . My family died, I have no boyfriend and I live at my best friends house. I get treated like a family member. They've always been there for me. Jessica's mum, Emma, has treated me like her own daughter, and I treat her like my real mum.

1st August 2012.
"We have new neighbours!" shouted Emma.
Me and Jessica ran down the stairs to see if there is a cute boy moving in. Jess looked though the window. Then I looked after. We both fainted.
2hours later...
I was well into a deep sleep. Jess woke up before me, then Emma and Jess poured a big bucket of cold water over me.
"Im freezing!" I screamed.
"Sorry poppet. Here, have this."
She handed me a warm towel that's just been in the dryer.
"Thank you for everything, Emma. I don't want to ever leave your care.''


1. New neighbours

Hey I'm mandy. I'm 18. I have a big sister called Jessica but we all call her jess. She's one year older than me. We have to share a room. I hate it! We both hate sharing a room! Why can't our little brothers (Leo and Lewis) share their own room?! They get a room to themselves. How unfair!

Today we were having new neighbours. Two houses are getting owners in my street today.
I walked outside with jess and greeted the new neighbours. I walked over to the horans.
"Hello, I'm Mandy your neighbour from across the street. An..."
I paused to the sight of a cute boy.
"Hey, I'm Niall horan. How about we hang out sometime? The mall or Miami beach?"
"Umm, how about Miami beach! So later today?"
Niall nodded.

Me and jess walked to the next new neighbours. Who lives next door to the horans. The maliks. Jess talked this time.
"Hey, I'm jess. Your neighbour from across the street. And we..."
A hot boy left jess gobsmacked.
"Woah! Hey. I'm zayn malik. Shall we hang out later today at the mall?"
Jess nodded and smiled then walked home with me.
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