To be discovered

Alex and his Dad are forced to move house when his father's business starts losing money. They move into their grandmothers peaceful old cottage by the woods. But their surroundings are not what Alex expected...


2. New home

I looked out of the window to see the oversized, ancient cottage. It looked like it was made for an old couple, not for me.The white stone walls and thatched roof interesting but nothing compared to the home in London, which was sadly ours no more. I threw open the car door and gingerly made my way to our new home.

The old oak door creaked under my touch as I made my way inside. The place was decorated with dark wood furnishings. For no apparant reason I started moving towards a vase. On it was an image of a green and black egg; the next picture was the egg but there was a crack in it. I turned the vase more to see the following image was a baby dragon; it had huge eyes and it's scales were a sparkly blue in the sunlight. The final picture was of a fully grown dragon with huge spikes running from his head to the tip of his tail, roaring flames were comming out of his mouth.

"A Dragon?" I said to myself.

Just then a man appeared; he was wearing a light and dark blue checkered shirt which was tucked into his blue and white jeans. His shoes black and spotlessly shiny. That man was my dad!

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