To be discovered

Alex and his Dad are forced to move house when his father's business starts losing money. They move into their grandmothers peaceful old cottage by the woods. But their surroundings are not what Alex expected...


3. maze

After two weeks of unpacking and settling in Dad went to the market, and left me alone. After one hour I heard a voice in my head whispering, " come to me " the voice repeted agian and agian so I followed it into the wood. Not long after I entered I fell through a hole in the floor and into a under ground cave. After a few minutes I relised where I was, I was not in cave it was a maze. After half an hour of dead ends and geting lost I finally reached the center of the maze. On a small stone table stood a green and black egg. The pattern was swirled all around and I could sense it, somthing strange. It felt like I was ment to be here, like I belonged. It felt like home.

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