Best Friends?

Brielle, called Rellie, Rel, or Bri by special people in her life, has been best friends with Niall Horan for as long as she could remember. But Rellie wants it to be more than that. She wants Niall and her to be more than just best friends. Rellie has a huge crush on Nialler and Niall has a huge crush on Rellie, but they don't know they both like each other. Will Rellie and Niall end up being more than friends? Or will someone else take Rellie before Niall? She also meets a new girl best friend Haley. :) Please comment what you think and which ways you think the story should go. Thanks (;


12. Twittah

Niall's POV:

I woke up and could smell food. It's smells great. I went downstairs and found waffles and bacon in the kitchen. Yup Allie cooked it. I put some food on a plate and went over to the table. Brielle was sitting there so I sat right next to her. 
She seemed a little nervous. 
"Morning" I said. 
She swallowed her food and said, " good morning" and sort of half smiled. 
"Well the boys are coming today" I told her.
"okay so what time?" she asked me.
I checked my phone. "About an hour"
"Why didn't you tell me this sooner?" Brielle questioned me. 
"uh well, in case you haven't noticed, I've been asleep. " I told her. 
"oh yeah.." she replied. "I'll be on my laptop in my room." then she left to her room. 

After I finished eating my food, I went and grabbed my laptop too, and checked twitter. I immediately checked Brielle's twitter which was @RellieMaree. Wow she only had ten followers. I made sure I was following her then tweeted '@RellieMaree whatcha doin?'
A minute later, she replied '@NiallOfficial you know you could just talk to me cuz ur right here'
I looked at her followers. She was slowly gaining more. 
'@RellieMaree okay then I'll stop talking to you.'
She tweeted back, '@NiallOfficial thanks' and I bet she rolled her eyes right then. 

Brielle's POV:

About half an hour later, there was a knock on the door. 
I went to go get the door. When I opened it I saw four boys.  
"Hello" I told them. 
"You must be Brielle" One of them said. 
"Yup" I replied. 
"Can we call you Bri?" Another of them asked. 
"Uh sure." I told them. 
The first one that spoke to me said, "Sorry for not introducing ourselves. I'm Liam."
"I'm Louis" the one who asked me if they could call me Bri said.
"Zayn" One with dark hair replied. 
"Harry" One with piercing green eyes told me.
" Well come in and make yourselves at home. There's four bedrooms open. I'll go get Niall." I replied to them all. Then I ran upstairs.
"Niall they're here" I told him. "And now they're all going to call me Bri apparently."
"Okay then. I'll call you that too." He said as I left the room. 
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