Best Friends?

Brielle, called Rellie, Rel, or Bri by special people in her life, has been best friends with Niall Horan for as long as she could remember. But Rellie wants it to be more than that. She wants Niall and her to be more than just best friends. Rellie has a huge crush on Nialler and Niall has a huge crush on Rellie, but they don't know they both like each other. Will Rellie and Niall end up being more than friends? Or will someone else take Rellie before Niall? She also meets a new girl best friend Haley. :) Please comment what you think and which ways you think the story should go. Thanks (;


5. Sparks Fly

Niall's POV:

I walked in the door of my house and suddenly was tackled into a huge long hug from Rellie. I had butterflies in my stomach the whole time she hugged me from her sparking touch. And I didn't want to stop hugging her because it felt so right. Then Rellie told me she missed me sooooo much. I could tell she missed me a lot because her eyes were shining and sparkling more than how they used to once she saw me walk through the door. When our hug ended I saw Rellie blush so I walked over to everyone else and said hello.

Brielle's POV:

Everyone started talking and I started talking with a few people. Then I went over to Niall and sat next to him on the couch. We started chatting about something random and laughing, so some others came to join us. After a few hours I was really tired. 
"I'm tired" I said sleepily to Niall. I started to lay my head down on Niall's shoulder and I snuggled up to him and it felt right. I felt like I was supposed to be with him. Forever.
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