Best Friends?

Brielle, called Rellie, Rel, or Bri by special people in her life, has been best friends with Niall Horan for as long as she could remember. But Rellie wants it to be more than that. She wants Niall and her to be more than just best friends. Rellie has a huge crush on Nialler and Niall has a huge crush on Rellie, but they don't know they both like each other. Will Rellie and Niall end up being more than friends? Or will someone else take Rellie before Niall? She also meets a new girl best friend Haley. :) Please comment what you think and which ways you think the story should go. Thanks (;


8. Questions

Brielle's POV:

I started walking home down the path with leaves all over the ground. Niall was staring at me. Why was he staring at me? Was there something in my hair. Oh no that would be awful. I quickly opened up my purse and grabbed my compact mirror out. Well I guess there isn't something in my hair or anything. So why would Nialler have been staring at me?? Why?? Oh well... I'll ask him about it later. 

I got to my house an went in the door.
"Mum" "Dad" I called for them. Surely they were already awake. I didn't hear an answer, so I went upstairs to check for them. Not there either. 
"They've probably gone out to eat." I told myself. So I started down the stairs. I quickly found my way to the kitchen.there was a not on the table. It read:
We've all gone to Grandmother's flat for a vacation except you and Allie. We know how you don't like going there, and Niall just came back so we've arranged for Niall to come and stay with you of that's okay. (His family is going out of town too) 
Love You Lots,
Mum, Dad, and your brothers Sam, Jake, Brody, Ty, and Luke.

I have a big family. Where's Allie?? She's supposed to be here. Oh wait she's probably at Caite's flat. I texted Allie to see where she was. Yup at Caite's. Allie is 20 now, but still living at home. She's so lazy. One of my brothers, Sam, is 19 so he's older than me but all my other brothers are younger than me. I'm 17 now. Yes I'm younger than Nialler, but I don't think that matters much. 

I went upstairs to my room and decided to get ready. I chose a flowery top without sleeves and a pair of short white shorts. I wore my white Toms. Then I chose small diamond earrings, and put on some mascara to make my eyes pop. I left my hair down then went downstairs to the kitchen and had leftover pancakes from the day before. 
I grabbed my purse, made sure I had my phone, and walked over to Niall's.
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