Best Friends?

Brielle, called Rellie, Rel, or Bri by special people in her life, has been best friends with Niall Horan for as long as she could remember. But Rellie wants it to be more than that. She wants Niall and her to be more than just best friends. Rellie has a huge crush on Nialler and Niall has a huge crush on Rellie, but they don't know they both like each other. Will Rellie and Niall end up being more than friends? Or will someone else take Rellie before Niall? She also meets a new girl best friend Haley. :) Please comment what you think and which ways you think the story should go. Thanks (;


3. Plane Flight

Niall's POV (Sorry its a little short)

Okay, so I've had a crush on Rellie since we were littler and I've missed her so much that's it's hard sometimes being without her. I missed her laugh, the ways her eyes always sparkle when she looks at me, and she's really beautiful. I don't think she sees it but I do.
I was on the plane and I texted Rellie. We texted back and forth and in one of her texts she texted me 'Love ya' and I said to myself, "I really want her to mean it but does she mean it like that?" So I texted her back asking what she meant by that. Then she texted back. Now I'm really disappointed because she said she loves me like a brother. I love Rellie more than a friend but I just wish she felt the same about me. 
My flight was about to land and I suddenly got butterflies in my stomach because I knew I was gonna finally see my Rellie.
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