Best Friends?

Brielle, called Rellie, Rel, or Bri by special people in her life, has been best friends with Niall Horan for as long as she could remember. But Rellie wants it to be more than that. She wants Niall and her to be more than just best friends. Rellie has a huge crush on Nialler and Niall has a huge crush on Rellie, but they don't know they both like each other. Will Rellie and Niall end up being more than friends? Or will someone else take Rellie before Niall? She also meets a new girl best friend Haley. :) Please comment what you think and which ways you think the story should go. Thanks (;


6. Oh Nialler...

Brielle's POV:

I woke up, drowsily opened my eyes, and saw Niall sitting in a chair across the room, staring at me. I also noticed no one else was here besides Niall and me so everybody must've already left.
When Niall noticed me awake up he said "Good morning sleeping beauty." to me in his perfect Irish accent.
"Morning. And were you just staring at me?" I asked him.
"Erm..."he replied.
"For how long" I questioned Niall.
"well, erm for as long as I've been awake." Niall answered me while slightly blushing. I could read Nialler's facial expressions perfectly. And Niall knew I could. 
"Oh Nialler..." I said. 
I looked at the clock on the wall and saw it was 10 am.
"I have to get home now." I told Niall while getting off the couch and starting to go to the door. 
"Aw do you have to leave?" He asked. 
"Yeah my mum's probably worried about me." I answered.
"Well can you come back over later pleeeaaaaseee? I've missed my best friend." He made a puppy dog face. 
I couldn't say no to those eyes, so I said, okay I'll be back." "Bye Nialler!" I said as I walked out the door
"Bye Rellie!" Niall replied back. 
I walked out the door to go to my family's flat. 
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