If he didn’t see me I’d be dead

If I didn’t say yes to him I’d be dead

But he did see me

And I did say yes to him

Im alive too

I don’t know if I should thank him for saving me

Or be mad at him for bringing me into another hectic life

Im sara and I was saved


1. Found

"Get out of my house you ugly bitch and dont come back" my step father screamed at me kicking me out of our crappy trailer that I called my home. He didn’t even give me a chance to collect my things. Not that I had much. I walked as far as my legs would carry me from that horibble place. I ended up in the city by night. Putting my hands in my back pockets to see if there was any money. There was! Just 5 bucks which in this city wouldn’t go far. I decided to put it back in my pocket for when I really needed it. My legs were hurting so I sat down on the nearest bench curling up in a ball to try to sleep. Hoping no one would find me and rape me.

So im guessing your kinda wondering whats going on in my life right now. Well my names Sara Beadles. My lifes practicly as crappy as it can get these day. Your probably thinking what about those small kids in africa who have no food. Well at least they have donations and stuff going out to them some even have familles that care about them. But I don’t I don’t have any of that. I used to, I used to be happy. But then reality setled in and I was cursed with bad luck. Maybe its beacsue I broke a mirror when I was little or lady luck hates me. But eaither way it wouldn’t change anything. Three years ago my mother and my sister were in a car accedidnt. And as must of you are thinking they didn’t make it. Just before that happened my mom got married to my step father. After her death he bacame a cuel man. Like the one that beat up little puppies. He began to beat me a month after my mom and sisters death saying it was my fault and I shouldve died to. I really don’t know what made him kick me out though and I wasn’t worried enough to go back and ask. I would rather die than go back and see that horibble man.

Its been three day since I got kicked out. I spent the five bucks on the second day all in one which wasn’t wise. I curently sat in an ally next to the busy street curled up into a ball crying and listening to my stomach growl. Yesterday was one of the worst days of my life other than my mom and sisters death. After I ate all my food some hobo with a beard and yucky smelling breath attacked me. I think he wanted money or just a quick shag. But I didn’t care I kneed him in the groin and ran away as fast as I could. But apparently well he had me trapped he cut a big scar  on my face leaving me bleeding for practicly the rest or the day.

I was still on the ground in the ally. My crying had turned into just little tears dropping down my face occaionly. I could tell my eyes were swollen from all the crying and the cut across my face was turning into a scar that would probably leave a mark on my face for the rest of my life…..if I even had much longer. A car tires screeching broke me out of my thoughts. I looked up seeing a black SUV the back door opening. I looked back down to my knees not thinking anything of the car parked 10 feet away from me.

“Excuse me miss” a deep voice with an accent said poking me in the sholder. I still didn’t look up. “Sorry I don’t have any money please leave me alone” I mumbeled “No I don’t want you money hun” he said sounding a little offened. I still didn’t look up afraid it was going to be another hobo. “im not going to shag you eaither now please just leave me be” I groand hopeing they got the message to not talk anymore. They stayed silent for a moment and I finally looked up thinking the had given up. Wrong mistake. My eyes met with gorgous blue one that were staring back into mine. I knew that look in his eyes it was the look of pity and I hated it. “sorry sir but I don’t want any pity know can you eaither tell me what you want or leave!”

“Um….oh ya im Niall, Niall Horan and I was in the car and I saw you sitting here and well you look way to young to be on the street by your self so I was wondering if you would like to come back to my place? I promise I wont try anything on you.” Niall said

I stayed silent just staring into him never ending blue orbs not knowing if I should go with him or not. Should I go with him?

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