my words

this is poems i wrote about real feelings or inspires i see or hear hope you like them this is my words that never get spoken or cant be spoken


4. open gateway

i feel like a gateway to souls that died that want to be reborn or whom was not ready to die. I know i should stop it but i dont want to because when i feel running away i let someone else have my life its like i meant to help the souls that are trying to renew the life they never had. Syriah she was created by apart of me with the hurt and tears and blood that i shed. I Danielle allowed it to happen i want them to live even if thier not real souls. they are apart of me . Im a  gateway to souls who want to be here. some are evil and some are good but they dont want to cost no harm to anyone at least not to me. Bunny was a stripper who died from a over dose because she had to get high just to get though her job. no im not the devil and but i can say that i sin just like everyone else so my confession is not that bad from others who have them. some souls try to control my body and take over to start thier lifes over but that i cant let them because its only a one time grant moment. im happy to be a open  gateway. its a part of my life that i dont mind to have it mostly comes from my dreams or when i go though a moment in life that a soul went though and they come anf enjoy or deal it im a open gateway to a mean meaning of life the life that i wantnot the life someone tried to pick out for me.

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