my words

this is poems i wrote about real feelings or inspires i see or hear hope you like them this is my words that never get spoken or cant be spoken


3. my life

In my life i kinda always felt bad my heart heavy. Eyes filled with tears and images that a i don't think i as a young girl should have ever seen. I thought my life was ending then so i started dancing i started hear the bass though my heart. Music saved my life when i couldn't believe that it was love that was trying to trap me in lies and hate. you think that even though i forgiven people hurt us or just me i would feel better but i don't i feel worser then ever. My life is a roller coaster of the dead vs the alive angels trying to kill the evil monster that try to take over me. Can i trust you just because you have a pretty smile that you really not going to hurt me once i let my walls down for you. My life is full of question my life full pain that i never knew of. My life trying to let go of people who was hurting me but youu why do i want them to stay.

My life is just not got to deal until I Die

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