my words

this is poems i wrote about real feelings or inspires i see or hear hope you like them this is my words that never get spoken or cant be spoken


5. laying in blood

I'm laying in blood and the bittersweet taste of it is on my lips , my blood is running out of me onto  the floor that is now red and sticky. I have no feelings in me no more i cant leave the place im in , i cant stand to look at what i become. im better then this but why cant i get my mind to see that something is wrong i cry where i lay which is in the blood that is coming from my arm maybe because im bleeding out my heart. The pain haunts me and the feeling of numbness scars me they both will end up killing me maybe then ill find what i have been looking for. my bleeding heart feel like its been hurting for a long time now will this ever end until then you can find me in this corner drowning in my blood . drowning in my tears , in my own suffering mind that wont let me forget that your gone never coming back why wont you save me from this pool of blood that my heart is bleeding im laying in blood of another

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