my words

this is poems i wrote about real feelings or inspires i see or hear hope you like them this is my words that never get spoken or cant be spoken


6. Hanging On

Im hanging on to the old you sometimes the old me, you know what we use to be im still hanging on to the times our laughter fulled the room, you know when we were never apart. im hanging on to the time we said i love you over and over you know how we do. i couldn't get enough i needed more then ever and you let me go, just set me free i didn't want to be free and you should have wanted to stay with me we never seen each other but love is patient why couldn't you be. you said together forever im still hanging on to that. where did our love go should i hang on to you or let go, give up, start acting like a jerk, pull far away because just hanging on is hurting me. im sick of crying i think its time for me to let go because if i try to stay any longer i Will die even though  i know you don't want it . im going to say sorry for you because when you come back for me im leaving you hanging 

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