my words

this is poems i wrote about real feelings or inspires i see or hear hope you like them this is my words that never get spoken or cant be spoken


1. Dying Slowly

 I die slowly when i think of how much i love you. I die slowly from thinking i cant live without you i breath the gas of this dead ghost car. I thought you would keep me always in your heart you forgot it was me who loved you for you. but you couldn't even try to trust me. I feel like im dying slowly pieces of my heart are slowly burning in my body making me feel pain.I'm dying slowly and i don't think  i will never live like i did when i had you in my life. i know i can be kinda hard to understand but know that im trying. i don't like this feeling of me dying in the pond of the beast or in the arms of the one who really doesn't care. dying slowing is the thing i do best. who am i living for I don't want to feel like this maybe im dead inside that's why i cant find my true love that wasn't you. you made me believe you loved me but you are the same one who is watching me die slowing. i know your watching from the side of my death bed you was everything to me now your nothing but a knife that stabs me in a million pieces just know because of your love i was killed i bleed to death. i was dying slowly

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