If Only I Knew (One Direction Not Famous)

Niall and Cindy have known each other since birth, they were best friends since. Their families were very close. By age 14, Cindy's dad got a once in a life time job offering in Ontario, Canada meaning they had to leave Ireland. When Cindy left, Niall was torn, because he had always been in love with her, yet too afraid of what she'll think if he confesses his strong feelings her. 10 years later, Cindy got her Pharmacy degree, and started her career as a Pharmacist. One late night at work, she comes across a familiar face, Niall. Will he finally tell her how she feels? Will it be a "Happily Ever After" ending?

This is my first fan fiction. I hope you like it! xx


6. Surprise

I woke up to the sound of someone knocking on the door. I got up and walked downstairs half asleep. I opened the door and it was Niall and Harry. 

"Oh, hey guys what are y-" Harry cut me off.

"Cindy, you have to pick. Me or Niall." Harry said in a serious tone. My eyes widened,

"What do you mean pick you or him?" I asked, as my heart was beating fast.

"Do you love me or him, Cindy?" Niall questioned, staring deeply into my eyes. What was happening? This was too weird, until I heard a beeping nose, it kept getting louder and louder. As I stared at the guys there mouth was opening like they were making the sound. Beep, beep, beep, BEEP! 

I opened my eyes and turned off the alarm. It was just a dream. What a weird dream I thought to myself. I looked at the clock and it was 7:30am. I honestly hate morning shifts, I was too tired. I got up, went to the washroom and took a shower. I stayed in there for a while, letting the warm water fully wake me up. Then, I brushed my teeth and dried my hair. I looked in my closet and picked out a plain blue t-shirt, white skinny jeans and red converse. It was a lazy day for me. I looked at the clock 8:00am, was it just me or was time going by really fast for someone. I had no time to eat break fast, so I grabbed my things and got into my car. It takes me a 20 minute car ride there and I have to be there in a half an hour. This day is going to be a long one.

**Later that day

Niall's P.O.V

I woke up to a text from Liam,

"Niall, we all went to McDonalds, do you want anything?" I looked at the clock and it was already 12pm. I thought to myself, maybe I could have lunch with Cindy or something. 

"No, it's alright mate! thanks for askin though!" I replied. After i went that, I decided to text Cindy.

"Good after noon, whatcha up to?" I typed, and sent the text. Waiting for her to text back, I checked twitter to see if there was anything new. Beep!

"Gooooodd afternoon Nialler, im working right now and im starving like a mofo. I didn't eat breakfast yet." I stared at the text, then I exited the conversation box, and called Liam right after.

"Yeah Niall?" Liam questioned,

"Hey, are you still at McDonalds? If so, can you actually get me 2 mcchicken meals, one without mayo?" I asked, hoping they would still be there.

"Uh sure...you're that hungry that you need 2 meals?" Liam wondered.

"Oh, no no no, I'm going to bring one for Cindy! Make sure one of them has no mayo. She doesn't like sauces." I added in a demanding voice.

"Ouu, Alrighty! Be home in 15 minutes." he replied. I thanked him and went to the washroom to get ready.

After my shower, I dried my hair with a towel and looked in my closet. I took out a plain t-shirt, a pair of canvas shorts and sprayed a little bit of cologne to top it off. I heard the door unlock,

"Niallll, we're homeee!" Harry shouted. I ran downstairs and Zayn gave me the McDonalds meal.

"Thank you for the McDonalds!" I said as I dashed out of the house and sped walked to the pharmacy. It was not so bad out side. Not so hot, it was warm with a small breeze, it felt nice. I felt the bag to see if it was still hot, oh man, it was cooling down, so i picked up my pace. I was almost there. Finally I arrived, I walked in and I saw Cindy stocking the flu medicine on the shelves. I crept up behind her and put my hand over the eyes.

"Guess who" I whispered. She giggled and I couldn't stop smiling.

"Hmmm, I know that strong accent from anywhere Nialler!" She replied, putting her hands on mine to uncover her eyes. She turned around and gave me a big hug. I wrapped my arms around her tiny body, I could hold her all day.

"So, what brings you here?" She asked as she let go of me.

"You said you didn't eat yet, so I wanted to surprise you with Mcdonalds. A mcchicken meal, no mayo" I answered, giving her a grin. She smiled at me and gave me another hug.

"Awe, thank you Niall! You're the best! I just have to go tell my manager i'm going for a break" she replied, as she walked into the back room. Few minutes later she came back, grabbed my hand and brought me outside to sit on the grass. We got out our meals and started munching. She dug into her meal like she was starved her whole life. I laughed on how fast she ate.

"So, what are you doing after this?" She asked me, eating the rest of her fries.

"I'm not sure. I have nothing planned. What time do you get off work?" I replied, tilting my head as I took a sip out of my coke.

"I get off in 2 hours, wanna come to my place? We can have a movie night or somethin. Like the old times!" She said with excitement. I looked at her, smiled and nodded. She smiled in return. Maybe, later tonight I could confess my feelings to her. Just Maybe.



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