If Only I Knew (One Direction Not Famous)

Niall and Cindy have known each other since birth, they were best friends since. Their families were very close. By age 14, Cindy's dad got a once in a life time job offering in Ontario, Canada meaning they had to leave Ireland. When Cindy left, Niall was torn, because he had always been in love with her, yet too afraid of what she'll think if he confesses his strong feelings her. 10 years later, Cindy got her Pharmacy degree, and started her career as a Pharmacist. One late night at work, she comes across a familiar face, Niall. Will he finally tell her how she feels? Will it be a "Happily Ever After" ending?

This is my first fan fiction. I hope you like it! xx


7. Interrupted

Cindy's P.O.V

After eating brunch, Niall left to pack some goodies,and lazy clothes. I went back to work, 1 and a half more hours to go, I felt like time was going by very slow. I just wanted it to be over, so I can have a lazy night with my best friend. I smiled at the thought of it. Nialler made me happy, and his smile could bright up anyone's day. Before, he had crooked teeth, but I guess over the years, he got braces to fix that, yet I actually thought his crooked teeth, it made him unique and cute. Just thinking about him brought a warm feeling to my body. Maybe i'm slowly gaining feelings for him. 

Niall's P.O.V

I walked back to my flat, and opened the door. They boys were just chilling watching T.V.

"Hey Niall, how was your lunch date with Cindy?" Liam said, winking at me. I laughed, but then I noticed Harry's head shot at me with a serious look after Liam said, "date with Cindy". Did he have feelings for her? Hopefully not because he always gets the girl he wants. 

"It wasn't a date, it was just lunch with the best!" I replied, winking back at him. Although, it would be nice if i took her out on a actual date, thinking to myself. "I won't be home till late! I'm going to Cindy's in a few hours, to have a movie marathon!"

"Ou la la, use protection!" Louis said, grinning at me. Everyone laughed but Harry, but I didn't let it get to me. I laughed, shaking my head, then went upstairs to pack a few things. I got out my back pack, and shoved in some nibs, pringles, pops, and popcorn. Then I went into my closet to get my american onesi, I haven't worn it in ages, i'm glad I got a large. Cindy and I always had a thing for onesi's, hopefully she still had hers. As I got everything packed, I looked at the clock, it was only 1:25. 35 minutes seemed too long. So I took out my guitar and continued to write the song I was working on before. I named it, "More Than This" i'm not quite done yet, but I started writing it after that text Cindy sent me. I was thinking I would maybe sing it to her one day. I smiled at the thought of her. She was just so perfect. 

1:45pm. 15 minutes left, I put my guitar down, grabbed my bag and went down the stairs. I looked in the living room and the guys were still watching T.V.

"I'm going now! Bye!" I shouted. They all turned around, 

"Bye!" They replied, as I walked out the door. It takes me about10-15 minutes to walk to the pharmacy, depending on my pace. I just wanted to see her, so I sped walked the whole way. I arrived at Pharmaplus, it was 1:50. 10 more minutes. I saw her through the window and waved. She smiled and waved back. I gestured that I was just going to sit down on the edge of the pavement. As I sat down, I played Temple Run on my iPhone, man, that game was a time waster yet addicting! 10 minutes has passed and Cindy came out the door. 

"Ready for our movie night? I brought my american onesi, do you still have your onesi?" I asked, while we got into the car.

"You bet I do! I can't believe you would still remember that though!" Cindy said in a surprised tone. 

"Of course I remembered, it was our thing that we did for many years. I can"t forget it!" I replied, grinning. She smiled at me, backed out of the parking lot and drove. 

We finally arrived at her place, she opened the door for me and I went through. Her place was small, but it had a warm and cozy feeling inside. I took of my Supra's and followed her lead. 

"Okay here's the living room, bathroom is over there and the kitchen is over there in case you want to eat something haha, i'm going upstairs to change and get my scream trilogy set!" She said in an exciting tone. I laughed, then i headed to the washroom to change into my onesi. After I got my onesi on, I sat down on the couch and unpacked all the junk food. I turned around, hearing her come down the stairs. She had a light blue onesi with her black hair in a messy bun. I couldn't help but stare. She saw me, and smiled holding the Scream trilogy DVD in her hands. She loved horror movies, and Scream was her favourite. 

Cindy's P.O.V

When I went down the stairs, and saw Niall staring at me smiling, I couldn't help but smile back, I think my face got red a tad bit. He looked so cute in the onesi, reminded me of good memories. I took out the first DVD and put it in the DVD player and closed all the curtains to make it look dark.Then I joined Niall on the couch who was already munching on some pringles of course. 

"You look pretty fancy in your onesi, you irish man!" I said, winking at him. He laughed, 

"I reckon so! You look pretty fancy aswell miss mai" He replied, winking back at me. I smiled and sat beside him putting my legs on the table. Then I took the control and played the movie. 

**Hours Later

Scream 2 just finished, I got up and put in the last DVD, "Scream 3" I loved the Scream trilogy, and the 4th one was pretty good too! I pressed play and it began. I sat back down, leaning on Niall's shoulder, I laughed at the fact that all the junk food was gone. Nialler and I are monsters when it comes to eating. As we were watching, I couldn't help but wonder why Niall cancelled plans on me the other day, so I sat up and turned towards him.

"Okay so, I couldn't help but wonder why you cancelled plans on me the other day.." I said tilting my head giving him a curious look. He looked at me,

"Uhm, well...I-I don't know why exactly.." He softly replied with, stuttering on his words. 

"You can tell me." I said, looking at him. His face began to turn red. He kept fidgeting both of his thumbs, looking down. Then he looked at me and grabbed my hands. My heart started racing.

"Well, uh, the truth is, I've always had f-" Before he could say the rest, the door bell rang. I let go of his hands and popped my head up and I saw my mother looking in the window beside the door.

Ah sorry, hold that thought. You can tell me later, okay?" I said, looking at him. He looked at me and I could see disappointment in his eyes, I felt sorry but I had to open the door for my mother before she would freak since she  already saw me through the window. She was very impatient.

"Okay." He quietly replied, as I got up to open the door for my mom.

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