If Only I Knew (One Direction Not Famous)

Niall and Cindy have known each other since birth, they were best friends since. Their families were very close. By age 14, Cindy's dad got a once in a life time job offering in Ontario, Canada meaning they had to leave Ireland. When Cindy left, Niall was torn, because he had always been in love with her, yet too afraid of what she'll think if he confesses his strong feelings her. 10 years later, Cindy got her Pharmacy degree, and started her career as a Pharmacist. One late night at work, she comes across a familiar face, Niall. Will he finally tell her how she feels? Will it be a "Happily Ever After" ending?

This is my first fan fiction. I hope you like it! xx


29. Hospital

Niall's P.O.V

I felt bad storming off like that to Cindy. I was too angry though, but i'm glad I told her how I truly felt after holding it in for so long. As I'm walking back to my flat, I noticed a bunch of people surrounding the road, officers holding them back, and a few ambulances. There must of been an accident, I had a bad gut feeling about it. 

I pushed my way through the crowd to get a closer look. I couldn't believe my eyes, one car was full on smashed by another. There was blood and broken glass everywhere. Then I realized the smashed car...was Cindy's. My heart started to sink, as I saw her on the stretcher. She had a neck brace, an oxygen mask and all sorts of medical things. I ran under the "Do not enter" tape and ran towards the ambulance she was going in. Then a bunch of cops grabbed me.

"Sir, you cannot pass through the yellow tape." They said as they pulled me back into the crowd. 

"I need to see her! She's my best friend for crying out loud! You have to let me go to the hospital with her!" I yelled in anger. I managed to escape their grasp, and ran to the medics that was driving the car. "Can you please let me ride to the hospital with her?!" I asked, about to cry. The lady looked at me, and she nodded. I ran to the back and got in the vehicle. Then they started to drive.

Cindy was unconscious, and there were shards of glass stuck in her everywhere.  I turned to the paramedic that was beside me. 

"Is she going to be okay?" I asked, with a weak tone. I could feel myself shaking as he gave me a worried look.

"I'm not quite sure, shes in critical condition. Her car rolled over a a few times, causing her to fly out of the windshield. She wasn't wearing a seat belt, so she has major head injuries, broken ribs and a few deep cuts from the glass." He replied. As he said that, my whole body froze. I was speechless. I dug my face into my hands, about to cry. She can't die. I needed her. The paramedic put his hand on my shoulder.

"We are going to do our best to save her." He said as he gave me a reassuring look. I nodded and stared at Cindy. I grabbed her hand and held it all the way to the hospital. 

*10 Minutes later

We arrived at the hospital and my hand was glued to Cindy's hand, I never wanted to let her go. We rushed to the operation hallway, then a nurse stopped me before the doors.

"I'm sorry sir, you can't go any further, but I will update you every half an hour." She said, as she ran through the doors to go into the elevator. I managed to get a last glimpse of her before the doors closed. I sat down facing the elevator, so I would know when she comes out. 

I decided to call the guys and Michelle, they should know what happened. They all said they were on their way. I couldn't help but wonder why Cindy was driving the opposite way from where she lived. What if it was my fault?! I took in a deep breath to calm myself down. The surgeons better do a good job, I can't imagine my life without her.

A half an hour has passed, and all the guys arrived and met up with me. 

"Niall! Is she okay?!" Harry yelled with a worried face. I was about to say something but then the nurse that stopped me came out of the doors and walked towards me.

"The surgery is going fine right now, she had to have some brain surgery because she hit her head on the ground really hard, but Mr. Grey, the neurosurgeon, said that she is stable and she will be fine." The nurse said. Everyone let out a relieved sigh. Thank god she was going to be alright. 

"Thank you, nurse." I said, in relief. The nurse smiled and nodded.

"You're welcome. I will be back in a half an hour to update you some more." She replied, as she walked away. All the guys sat down either across from me or beside me. Harry sat beside me and looked at me as I my eyes were glued to the elevator.

"She's going to be alright, mate." Harry said, putting his hand on my shoulder.

"I hope so." I replied, looking at him.

"How did this happen?" he asked.

"I'm not sure, the paramedics said she ran a red light, and then she got hit, but the weird thing is that she was going the opposite way from her home." I replied.

"She went looking for you..." he trailed off. I looked at him with a surprised look. "I told her to go after you, because I knew she had true feelings for you and not me. Don't worry, I'm not mad because you deserve her. If I knew you were in love with her I would of backed off." He added. I could tell he was telling the truth. That's all I had to do? All I had to do was just tell him how I felt about Cindy and he would of backed off right away, but then I realized if I didn't walk out on Cindy, she wouldn't have been in the operation room right now.

"It's all my fault..." I said, looking down. "If I hadn't walked out on Cindy, she wouldn't be having brain surgery or anything!" I added, as I swooped my hair back, feeling horrible.

"Niall, it's not your fault. You didn't know this was going to happen." Liam said. 

"Yeah, and the nurse said she was going to be fine!" Zayn said, holding Michelle's hand. I nodded, and then we waited and waited.

*2 Hours Later

The elevator opened and I saw Cindy on the bed with a few nurses. We all got up and waited till they passed the door. I looked at Cindy, she was still unconscious. She had 2 stitches on her for head and 1 on her cheek. Her leg was in a cast, and she had a small patch of hair missing on her head from the brain surgery.  It didn't matter though, at least she was alive. That's all that mattered.

We all followed her to her room she'll be staying in. The nurses hooked her up to a heart monitor and other machines. 

"The surgery went well, and she should be waking up in a few hours or more." The nurse said. I smiled, knowing that she was okay.

"Thank you so much!" I said, as I sat beside Cindy, and held her hand. The nurse smiled back and left the room. The other guys were sitting around her as well. I couldn't wait until she woke up, I wanted to be the first person she sees. 

**8 Hours Later

It was 1AM, and Cindy still hasn't woken up yet. I told the guys to leave and get some rest because they looked like they were going to fall asleep. I didn't leave because I wanted to be by Cindy's side. What if she woke up and no one was there for her? I couldn't and I didn't want to leave her side. I laid my head down on the bed, and shut my eyes as my hand was still holding on to hers.

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