If Only I Knew (One Direction Not Famous)

Niall and Cindy have known each other since birth, they were best friends since. Their families were very close. By age 14, Cindy's dad got a once in a life time job offering in Ontario, Canada meaning they had to leave Ireland. When Cindy left, Niall was torn, because he had always been in love with her, yet too afraid of what she'll think if he confesses his strong feelings her. 10 years later, Cindy got her Pharmacy degree, and started her career as a Pharmacist. One late night at work, she comes across a familiar face, Niall. Will he finally tell her how she feels? Will it be a "Happily Ever After" ending?

This is my first fan fiction. I hope you like it! xx


26. Comfort

Cindy's P.O.V

Michelle was taking a while to get the food. I stopped crying, because I felt like I had no more tears left to cry and turned on the T.V. I could feel my eyes started to swell up. When I cry a lot, my eyes tend to get puffy/swollen. I turned to the T.V guide channel to see if anything interesting was on. There wasn't. Then I heard someone open the door. 

Michelle walked in with a brown paper bag, and another bag filled with things. She put them all on my bed and took a deep breath.

"Okay so, I got some chinese food, horror movies, coronas, and candy. We're going to chill here tonight, just you and me!" She said, happily. I gave her a grin. 

"You're the best, Michelle! What would I do without you?" I said, as I looked at what movies she got.

"You would still be bawling your eyes out over Harry!" She laughed. I let out a quiet giggle, as I thought about Harry again. My mood suddenly went down. I really wanted to see him, yet he can't even look at me. Michelle sat down beside me and put her hand on my knee. "Shit, I'm sorry, I said that too soon."

"Oh, no, it's alright.." I said softly. I looked at her, giving her the best smile I can put on. "Let's start watching these!" I said, as I got up and opened a DVD case and put the disk in. I read the cover and it said, "Dead Silence" It had a ventriloquist doll, covering his lips with one finger. It looked pretty sketchy. I pressed play and sat back down in my bed with Michelle, eating chinese food.

Niall's P.O.V

I couldn't help but wonder why Cindy nor Harry came with us to get some food. The guys and I walked to Harry's room. Louis opened the door and Harry was just on his iPhone. He looked like he'd been crying.

"Harry! How are you feeling?" Louis asked as he sat next to Harry putting his arm around him.

"Not that good." Harry replied in a serious tone, as we unpacked the food out of the bag.

"Well, you still need to tell us whats wrong!" Louis replied. Harry looked up to me, and the other guys, then he looked back at Louis.

"Let's eat first..i'm kind of hungry." He said. I could feel tension building up when he looked at me. I didn't like the feeling of it. Harry and Louis put the bed back in the pull out sofa and sat on it as they dragged the table back. We got out the chinese food and started eating.

A Half an hour later, Louis put down his cup card board box and wiped his mouth with a napkin.

"So, now are you going to tell us what happened?" Louis asked, looking at Harry. Harry looked at him and then the rest of us. Then he focused on his food, moving it back and forth with his chopsticks.

"I-I..broke up with Cindy.." He said softly. Everyone's eyes widen and I choked on my noodles. I coughed, to try and get it out, then Liam gave me a water bottle. He looked at me, with a surprised look. I was surprised myself, why in the world would he break up with Cindy?

"Why?!" Zayn asked, staring at him. Harry looked at him, and then he quickly glanced at me, then turned and faced his food again. Why did he look at me?

"I felt like she wasn't...being honest about things.." Harry said quietly. What was he talking about..? Then I thought about it...the kiss. Did Harry know about the kiss?!  I had to know.

"Excuse me, I gotta go to the washroom." I said quickly, as I stood up and walked to the washroom. Everyone stared at me, but then went back to talking. I closed the door behind me and took out my phone.

"Cindy? I need to talk to you." I typed and sent the text. I waited a few minutes for a reply but she didn't answer.

Cindy's P.O.V

My phone beeped and I checked to see who it was, hoping it was Harry. Then I saw, "Nialler x" appear on my screen. I didn't bother reading it. I shut my phone off and put it on the side table.

Niall's P.O.V

Why wouldn't she answer me? This wasn't like her at all.

"Niall? Are you done?" Liam knocked on the door. I jumped in shocked.

"Oh, um yeah just washing me hands!" I said quickly as I turned on the tap for a second, shut it off and opened the door.

"Louis decided we all should go out with Harry to try to get things off his mind about Cindy, are you coming?" Liam asked. I looked at him, and thought about it. I didn't want to go out, I needed to know why they broke up. So I tried to make something up.

"Oh..no, I don't feel so well, I have a stomach ache. I think I put too much hot sauce in my noodles." I said, trying to look sick. I put my arms around my stomach and walked to the couch to lay down.

"Do you want me to stay with you?" Liam asked. I shook my head.

"No..it's okay, you can go, I'll just be in my bead resting." I groaned. Liam looked at me and sighed.

"Alright, hope you feel better soon though!" Liam said, as he got up and met up with the guys at the elevator. As soon as I heard no talking, I got up and peeked my head in the hallway. No one was there. I closed the door behind me and stood in font of Cindy's room.

"Cindy?! Are you in there? I need to talk to you!" I said as I knocked on the door. The door opened a bit and Michelle's head peeked though.

"Niall, she doesn't want to speak to you right now.." Michelle said. 

"Why? I just need to ask her something!" 

"Now isn't the time...you've done enough." Michelle said. What did she mean I've done enough? Then it hit me..my eyes widened as I froze. "I'm sorry, but you should give her some time and hopefully then she'll talk to you sooner or later." Michelle said, as she closed the door.

I stood still, staring at the door as I realized what I just did. Harry must of found out about the kiss. My legs felt weak and I backed away from the door, pressing my back against the wall. I swooped my hair back taking a deep breath. I was the reason why they broke up. My heart started to beat faster. I should be happy shouldn't I? Yet, all I felt was guilt and betrayal. I was devastated at the fact that I just ruined a relationship between 2 of my best friends.

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