If Only I Knew (One Direction Not Famous)

Niall and Cindy have known each other since birth, they were best friends since. Their families were very close. By age 14, Cindy's dad got a once in a life time job offering in Ontario, Canada meaning they had to leave Ireland. When Cindy left, Niall was torn, because he had always been in love with her, yet too afraid of what she'll think if he confesses his strong feelings her. 10 years later, Cindy got her Pharmacy degree, and started her career as a Pharmacist. One late night at work, she comes across a familiar face, Niall. Will he finally tell her how she feels? Will it be a "Happily Ever After" ending?

This is my first fan fiction. I hope you like it! xx


5. Catching Feelings

*Later that day...

Liam's P.O.V

I sat down on the couch and turned on the T.V to see if there was anything interesting on. Harry and Louis are out, Zayn was being lazy and sleeping and I couldn't help but noticed something was wrong with Niall. He was silent looking out the window the whole car ride back. He is usually the one who talks all the time, I turned off the T.V and decided to go upstairs to see if something was wrong with him. I knocked on the door,

"Come in." Niall said, I walked into his room and he was strumming a few strings on his guitar. I sat beside him and he didn't make eye contact with me at all.

"Hey Niall, are you alright mate?" I asked Niall, with a worried look. He stopped strumming and looked at me.

"Nah, but I don't feel like talking about it." Niall said strumming a few strings again.

"What ever it is, you can tell me. I'm always here for you, I don't like seeing you down like this." I said, worryingly. Niall put his guitar down.

"It's Cindy, I'm in love with her. Yet, she doesn't notice at all. She thinks of me as her best friend..but I want to be more than that." Niall said, as he laid down on his bed, staring at the ceiling. 

"Then why don't you tell her?"

"Because i'm scared that if i tell her, she wont feel the same way and it would ruin our friendship."

"You'll never know unless you try. I'm pretty sure, if she was truly your best friend she wouldn't walk away if you tell her how you feel." I said, trying to give him the best advice.

"I don't know... I'll think about it, but please don't tell her or anyone else. I don't want her knowing." Niall begged. 

"I wont." I said, reassuring him. He grinned at me and then went back to playing his guitar.

Cindy's P.O.V

I wondered what was up with Niall, when I said I was going to come back later, he looked excited. Then he texts me saying another time? I don't get it, but I didn't let it get to me, maybe he was just busy. Since my plans were cancelled, I decided to walk to the mall because it's only a 5 minute walk away.

I arrived at the mall, and went into Dynamite. I bought a few skirts and tops. I paid for the clothes and then I went to the food court, I was feeling a bit hungry. I ordered myself a bagel with creme cheese and a large iced coffee at Tim Horton's.  Yes, I really do like my iced coffee. I sat down at a empty table and started munching. I felt someone tap my shoulder from behind me, it was Harry and Louis!

"Hey Cindy!" They both said.

"What are you doing here eating by yourself?" Harry wondered.

"Oh, well I decided to go shopping, then I got hungry." I said as they sat down across from me.

"Where are you going next?" Harry wondered. I finished my bagel, took a sip out of my iced coffee and looked at him.

"Well, I have nothing to do really, I think i'm just gonna go home after this and maybe clean the place up." I replied. They both looked at me like I was serious.

"You're not going home," Harry stated. I looked at him, tilting my head.

"Why..?" I asked. Louis and Harry looked at each other, and nodded like they could read each others minds or something.

"You're going to help us find new clothes!" Harry said, as he grabbed my hand, dragging me with him. I turned around and I could see Louis grabbing my iced coffee, then he ran to catch up with us. I guess i'm going shopping.

We arrived at a store called, "Topman" . Harry escorted me to a sitting area right out side of the change rooms.

"Stay here, we're going to find some clothes and you give us your opinions" Harry said softly, smiling at me. I gave him a nod and smiled back. Minutes has passed and I drank the rest of my iced coffee, I turned around and saw Louis with a bunch of t-shirts with stripes and some coloured pants. 

"You must really like stripes eh?" I said. He looked at me with a jolly smile.

"I sure do! They're my signature look!" He replied. He gave me a wink and went into one of the change rooms. Few second later, Harry came passed me with some jeans, a few plain t-shirts and a plaid shirt, walking straight to the change room. Then Louis came out wearing a maroon t-shirt with white striped and red pants.

"So, whatcha think?" he asked, while he turned around to the mirror to see if it fitted well.

"I must say, you actually do look pretty good in stripes haha" I replied, looking at him with a approval face. He smiled at me and went back into the change room. As soon as Louis went back in, Harry came out, wearing a full buttoned up plaid shirt and jeans. He walked towards me, and I couldn't take my eyes off him, he was such a pretty man. 

"Soo? Does this look decent?" he questioned, as he made a full turn, so I could see everything. I didn't like how it was buttoned all the way up, so i stood up and walked towards him.

"It looks good, but maybe you should undo a few buttons." I answered, as I undid 2 top buttons and fixed his collar piece. I looked at him and he was staring right at my eyes, smiling. I've never been this close to him before. Then all of a sudden, I could see Harry getting closer, like he was going to kiss me. I could feel my face warming up, so I took a step back and he moved back, looking down embarrassed.  

"So? What do you think?" I said softly, he looked up at me, then turned around towards the mirror and smiled, 

"This looks better! Thank you." He said cheerfully, and went back into the change room. Moments later, Louis and Harry walked out, and went straight to the cashier. They bought everything they picked out. I looked at the clock and it was already 9:15. I totally lost track of time. 

"Oh shoot! I have to go home now. I have work early in the morning and I still have to clean up the place!" I said, staring at them.

"Oh! I'll drive you home then!" Harry replied. I nodded. We walked out of the mall, got into Harry's car and I gave him the directions to my house. We arrived at my house and he parked into my drive way behind my car.

"Thank you for driving me home, I had fun today!" I said, as I got out of the car.

"We had fun too, and anytime!" Harry replied, I gave them both a smile and headed towards my door.

"Goodnight Cindy!" They both shouted. I turned around and waved at them as they left. I opened the door, and looked around. There wasn't much to clean, so I just went up stairs, and changed into my sleeping clothes. I went to the washroom, washed my face and brushed my teeth. My ankles were feeling sore because of all the walking around in the mall. I shut off the lights, slid under my blanket, got all cozy and went to sleep.

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