Let me Sing you a Lullaby.

Stacey and Drew, the new orphans in the block. The streets of London, were always busy, crowded and there was never room for a third person. They say 'Two is company, But three's a CROWD'.

They're the remaining vampires of the world, in search of their father with Mr Thomas, their vampire gaurdian. will they succeed in searching their father? Who is the father? and What happened to their mum?

For Twilight Fans :D


7. Strange Man.

So Here I am, walking in the streets of London, with Drew. Mr Thomas decided to leave us to ourselves, he said 'You need some time to suck in your new life', and i guess he was right. Being a vampire was completely new to us. As we walked around, nobody stared at us like we were unusual creatures, well to be honest I expected them to. But it was daytime and we were looking absolutely normal. Until the clouds separated themselves and shone the sun onto us. We were glittering, I looked at Drew, it was like he had diamonds attached to him. Everyone looked at us, old people gave us dirties, the young people looked at us with amazement. A few teenagers stood around us and started taking pictures.

'Look Mummy! Aliens?' I heard a little boy say to his mother, who stood there holding tight onto him. It was as if all of a sudden we weren't humans to them anymore.  I felt so uneasy, so out of place. I held Drew's hand tight, and he held back tighter, We were scared.

'WOO-AAH!' Something gushed right in front of us, something really fast. Drew presumed it was faster than light, but how was that possible. For a moment I hoped it to be Mr Thomas, but he was no where to be seen. I was even more scared than before. Then something grabbed me by my hips, it felt like a hand. I looked at Drew who was examining his hips. I'm guessing even his hips were held. In the next few minutes we were climbing trees, and buildings. Well not we, something was making us.

'STACEY! WHAT'S HAPPENING? STACEY!' Drew screamed with anxiety and fright, fright maybe because of his phobia of heights. I was unable to answer to Drew, I was speechless. Then something spoke, something that me and Drew had heard. It said, 'Breathe on the crowd now!' Was it speaking to me or Drew? 'Drew! Breathe on the Crowd below us NOW!'

Okay, how did it know Drew's name? That's weird. Drew obeyed it's orders, He breathed very lightly, facing the crowd below us who were staring at us. 'Harder! That's not going to help you silly boy!' Drew, as I saw it was going red. I knew he was angry but he obeyed again, I guess he had no choice but to obey, we didn't what it was and we couldn't figure it out if it was an evil thing. So Drew Obeyed.

As Drew breathed upon  the crowed, they all seemed to have..walked away, minding their own business. Walking and talking as if nothing happened. Okay, WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED!? This is really freaky, man!

Now, for Drew, he had fainted. he was sleeping in the arms of the Strange Man's arms, who seemed blurred to me, and I'm guessing he was blurred to Drew too. I heard a laugh from next to me. Yupp! The 'Dude' was a human, what else would explain the feeling of hands on my hips, His perfect British accent, and I did sense a hint of American accent in it too.

But the Real Question was, who was he?

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