Let me Sing you a Lullaby.

Stacey and Drew, the new orphans in the block. The streets of London, were always busy, crowded and there was never room for a third person. They say 'Two is company, But three's a CROWD'.

They're the remaining vampires of the world, in search of their father with Mr Thomas, their vampire gaurdian. will they succeed in searching their father? Who is the father? and What happened to their mum?

For Twilight Fans :D


1. Moved...Again.

It's been three years since we've officially been declared orphans. And its been three years since I was the new nanny of  my dorky brother, Drew. Oh, by the way, I'm Stacey, the eldest twin, yeah, twin. Drew and I are twins. Anyways, three years, three long heavy years since dad died, we lost our mum at a very young age. The first year went dreadful for both of us, second year went...umm...i guess okay-ish, and last year was worse. In the previous 12 months we moved houses 8 damn times! Well at first we lived with Gran, but then I heard her talking on the phone about how uncontrollable we are, and how she cant keep 'these things in my house'. How can my own Grandmother call us things? Unbelievable!

"Stacey! Help me out here, please?"

"Hold on, two minutes."

"No! I need help! I Don't know how to put this thing on! Plus why am I even having a damn facial!?"

Hah! That's funny! But on the other hand, Drew is kinda spotty, He's like the male version of Ugly Betty, eurgh!

"Oh haha! Okay, hold on I'll be there in two minutes."

Drew being the only male in the family (consisting of just Me and Him), has to act a little more responsible and more mature than me. And I personally don't mind him acting as my older brother. Although, officially I'm 14 minutes and 29 seconds older. Dad made me remember that.

So yeah, after 1 month of hell at Grans, we moved from one uncle's house to another, so that means that we have 7 uncles in the family, from my father's side, which meant that he had 7 brothers! Christ! After all that sifting my last uncle Lee, who's my favorite outta all of them, decided to send me to London. Can you imagine! A New Yorker moving to London! WOW! I'm so excited. Except at the fact that we're gonna be living in an orphanage. What they call a Care Home in London. I've watched them English shows on telly, errr.... Tracey Beaker! Yeah that's the name. Tracey Beaker, she's sort of a girl who's been dumped by her mother and sent to a care home. So its not not really a place for just orphans like me and Drew, it's sortta mixed.


Haha! I love it when Drew cries like a little baby he his. Now that I've done packing my stuff and Drew's, yes, I know, Drew's so lucky to have a sister like me; I need to go a take that mask off his face before he damages his skin and looks like and uglier version of Ugly Betty. Wait, is that even possible?

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