Let me Sing you a Lullaby.

Stacey and Drew, the new orphans in the block. The streets of London, were always busy, crowded and there was never room for a third person. They say 'Two is company, But three's a CROWD'.

They're the remaining vampires of the world, in search of their father with Mr Thomas, their vampire gaurdian. will they succeed in searching their father? Who is the father? and What happened to their mum?

For Twilight Fans :D


2. London.

Here I am, well here We are. So Uncle Lee left us by the waiting room of the airport and wished us well for the future. 20 minutes of waiting, the lady made an announcement of those people to going to London to board the plane. Drew ran for the plane. He ran like he was running for the London 2012 Olympics. And I just took baby steps. I walked slowly thinking of how much I'm going to miss New York, It's people and especially My Uncle Lee. I thought about how I'm going to cope with London, settling down in a new country, with new people and their uptight behavior, and their snobby views about us American. Well, I  quote, 'Life is life and you have to Sacrifice.'

After a whole 6 hour and 50 minutes, sitting, sleeping and eating in an limited space on the Plane, We finally walked upon the soils of London. "Uncle Lee said that a man holding a card with our name would be waiting for us, where is he?" Yeah, Drew was right. Where is that man?

"Hmm, not sure, plus I kinda forgot his cell number at home" I looked at Drew from the corner of my eyes as I ate up the last few words, hoping he wouldn't give me that 'are you serious' look. And he did.

"Are you serious? Way to go Genius!" Urgh! I hate it when he says that. Because I know I'm not a genius and it just makes me feel worse.


"Miss Stacey? Mr Drew?" I turned away from Drew and happened to be looking at a extremely tall man, with a black coat and that long Charlie Chaplin hat. He had a small spot on his upper lip and unusually neat mustache. Hah! What year is this guy living in? 1960s?

"Errm, Yes?" I just couldn't stop looking at his spot, it was so 'ripe' I could tell that if it popped now, puss would be flowing out of it, like a fountain. Eurgh!

"I'm Mr Thomas, your present and future guardian. Your Uncle Lee sent me. I'm the owner of the care home in an area called Plaistow. Welcome to London" He spread his arms out and welcomed us with warmth. And what the hell is Plaistow?

"Stacey, I'm scared..." Drew whispered in my ear holding back his breath, since he knows how much I hate it when people talk to me and I have their warm breath hitting my skin like someone throwing a hot frying pan over to me and slamming hard on my beautiful, baby soft skin.

"Why are you scared? The geezer's so nice, he ain't gonna do no crap to you. Don't worry little bro. I got your back." I spoke like a little badman there, to prove that I have opposite feelings from drew, he feels scared, so he talks with insecurity, hence, whispered in to my ear, and I talk with braveness, proving that 'I ain't scared of no crap!'  Although Drew looked at me as if he just met me and I spoke a totally different language, I could read the words 'Google Translate' on his face.

"What!?" Maybe I should've spoken normally. But on the other hand, this Mr Thomas, seems to be driving at 2 miles per hour and he has the windows opened, not even did the wind moved a single strand of my long blonde hair. Let alone my hair, I don't even think it moved Drew's short dark brown hair. Not even an eyelash. 'Yo! Thomas! My gran won't even drive this slow, would you mind turning up the speed like 20 miles higher?' Yeah, I felt like saying that, but because of my extremely sweet and caring nature I can't. Curse my sweetness!

"Errm, Mr Thomas, How much longer?" Drew asked the guy whilst he put his jacket on, it was getting a little rainy, Should've expected that, the stereotypical views of the British weather is true. Note to self, carry a umbrella in your purse wherever you go and whatever the weather.

"Not long my son, You've tolerated 2 hours of this drive, tolerate 1 more, and hopefully we'll be there before the cruel night falls upon us." Cruel? Why did he call the night cruel? Yeah man, he is soo weird!

"I don't think he's quite stable with his mental health, first the dressing, now his weird description." I whispered back to Drew. H e seems to be lost. Oh, forget him.

One hour later, We reach a mansion. Yeah, a mansion, covered with leaves, surrounded by trees and massive park attached to it at the front. We walked straight to the door, whilst the 'Weird Guy' offered to take our luggage out of the boot. The door was very old fashioned. There was no battery run bell, but instead a church bell. And in the middle of the door was a carved head of wolf or dog from, fine oak, I presume. I look at Drew, and he mouths to me, 'This is freaky.'

I agree, to me, and  I'm guessing Drew too, it feels like we've entered into some sort of horror movie. Mr Thomas walked towards us with a very sly grin and says, " Go ahead, ring the bell, no need to trouble your precious hands for a knock."

So, I rang the bell and the door decided to be opened by itself...Okay, this is freaky, like super freaky. I'm starting to think that Uncle Lee made a mistake. I looked at Drew, then at Mr Thomas, and then took a baby step toward the inside of the mansion. My feet landed on something soft. something furry, but I couldn't really see, The lights were switched off, I'm guessing that all the other kids are asleep. But why so early?

"Oh My! Its about be dark, quickly, Come on, come on. I don't have time." He pushed me in further and dragged Drew along with him as he took a leap into the house. He shut the door and it was pitch dark, I turned around to be facing Mr Thomas, Or rather his shimmering gold eyes?

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