Let me Sing you a Lullaby.

Stacey and Drew, the new orphans in the block. The streets of London, were always busy, crowded and there was never room for a third person. They say 'Two is company, But three's a CROWD'.

They're the remaining vampires of the world, in search of their father with Mr Thomas, their vampire gaurdian. will they succeed in searching their father? Who is the father? and What happened to their mum?

For Twilight Fans :D


5. Let Me Sing You a Lullaby...

" Go to sleep, Stace. Its time for bed. otherwise your not gonna get up for your big surprise tomorrow morning." She brushed her hand across my head."Feeling sleepy, Love?" She asked smiling down at my face.

"No... Mummy, Sing me a lullaby" I said to her as i looked up to her smiling face. She was beautiful. I saw the love and affection for me in her eyes. I look down to the length of my body, and I see across the room, a little boy sleeping on his bed. He had brown hair, the most perfected skin and a beauty spot just beneath his eyes. It was Drew, he looked so adorable.

"Okay, Let me sing you a Lullaby" She picked up my head and placed it on her lap and sang. As she sang, drops of tears fell upon my cheeks. one drop, two drops, three drops and then suddenly Mummy burst in tears. "Why you crying mummy?" I Rose up from bed until I was eye to eye with her. I wiped her tears and said, "Big girls don't cry Mummy, sshhh". I wrapped  my little hands around her neck and she sunk her head into my shoulders. she cried even more. She cried until she fell asleep on my shoulder. Until She fell asleep forever.

Daddy stood there, shocked. He said nothing. Just stared at  me, then at Drew. Tears dropped from his eyes and ran down his cheeks. "Daddy, why are you crying?" I asked. I laid Mummy's head on the pillow carefully, still thinking that she's just sleeping. i go over to Daddy and tugged on his T-shirt, He looked down at me and picked me up. "Hey, baby girl, what's up?"

"Why are you crying Daddy?" I asked as i played with his collar

"Me? I'm not crying. Maybe something went in my eyes. Come on, lets put you to sleep, it's time you go to sleep". He walked over to my bed with me in his arms and laid me next to Mummy. then he looked at me and another tear dropped onto my cheek. Daddy wiped it away and kissed my forehead, Then he looked over to Mummy and cried more. He took Mummy's hand and kissed it and then a slight peck on her lips. He hugged her, and walked put the room, switching off the lights.

I woke up over the nagging of my little brother. "Stace! Stace! Wake up! Mummy and Daddy aren't home! Stace! Wake up! The moment i heard that Mummy and Daddy aren't at home i jumped outta bed and headed towards the door, when i realized that Mummy, who was sleeping next to me was gone too. I ran Downstairs to see that nobody was at home. I went into the living room, and found the TV was on, and Daddy's face frozen in it. It was a video and Daddy paused it. I went and played it.

"Hey Kiddo. Well I'm guessing that you've woken up by know. Hope you've had your breakfast. It's kept on the dining table. Make sure you feed Drew, He's gonna be a hassle. Okay, Baby Girl. Mummy and I gonna go out for a few days, in the meanwhile you stay at home and wait for someone to pick you up okay? There's gonna be a uncle coming to pick you up and you guys are gonna move to a new place with loads of other kids okay? Mummy and Daddy will visit you soon.

Take Care of your brother. Love you Sweety. "

And it switched off. I stood there crying. I looked at Drew,and he was busy eating up the breakfast. eggs and Sausages. By the looks of it, i knew that Daddy made it.

As I stood there "Let me Sing you a lullaby" kept echoing in my ears. I cried even more.


"Stacey, Stacey! Wake up! You dozed off looking at the picture. Oh! I get it. You had a flashback? You, as a vampire, have the ability to look at dead people's picture's to see how they died, and your limit is only 5 minutes. If you go above that, you could land in a Coma." Mr Thomas woke me up, and explained the rest of the situation. After Dad and Mum went, i was sent to an orphanage, through their I was fostered a lot of times. the people i lived with weren't really my family.

Who is my real family? And I still want to know how Mr Thomas knows about my life


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