Let me Sing you a Lullaby.

Stacey and Drew, the new orphans in the block. The streets of London, were always busy, crowded and there was never room for a third person. They say 'Two is company, But three's a CROWD'.

They're the remaining vampires of the world, in search of their father with Mr Thomas, their vampire gaurdian. will they succeed in searching their father? Who is the father? and What happened to their mum?

For Twilight Fans :D


4. Best Of Both World's

"I see..DO YOU THINK THAT I'M A COMPLETE IDIOT!?" What was he on about? How is it possible that my parents were vampires, and because they came to  London to have their 'honeymoon', the very next day after their intimate moment, My mother, Emilie Stewart was pregnant with US? And my father, Phillip Stewart was a Vampire? How's that even possible!? I've lived with them my entire life and not once have I seen them grow fangs and go pale and look like a actual vampire. Plus, if it was all true, how can science explain the fact my mother was pregnant with me 1 day after? That's impossible. He even said that when she returned to New York, She went through the normal stages of pregnancy. And he said the craziest thing that my mother was a human before she was pregnant with me, and when she was pregnant with me, I would drink up the blood in her body and make her so weak. All of this happened whilst she was in London. And Dad wanted to kill me!? Apparently, mum got so weak that she died!? "That's Impossible!" I said. That can never happen. If she died, then who the hell was I living with? This doesn't make sense.

"It's true my dear, it's all true. You are the daughter of a Vampire. and so is your brother Drew. Your mother didn't realize what was happening to her, until a very old lady with ancient beliefs of vampires explained the situation that She's pregnant with vampire babies. And If she wanted you guys to lead a normal life, then She's was going to have to move back to New York as soon as possible, because it takes only a 1 month for a vampire baby to born."

I listened carefully, and i kept silent. I wanted to take it all in. I wanted to be able to accept the fact that I'm half vampire and half human.  But how does he know all this? And maybe He is speaking the truth, maybe that's why we never turned into vampires dramatically back home. But why didn't anyone tell us this? Why didn't Uncle Lee tell us?

" Can I see a photograph of my parents, please?" I asked with tears in my eyes. I don't know why I'm crying, but i just wanted to cry. I wanted to take out all my frustration and confusion in the form of tears. I just don't want anything in my head that's going to block my thinking! Mr Thomas reached toward the inner pocket of his smooth silky coat, took two small passport size photographs out, and smiled at them. Then he handed it over to me.

"NO! This can't be! Are you kidding me!!!??" How can he give me a photograph of these two. They are not my parents! It's all a lie! The lady in the picture...A tear dropped upon  the face of the lady in the photograph. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I slowly rested my head on the top bit of the sofa.

A movie flashed before my eyes.

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