Summer vacation

Allison Dearly just graduated from high school. After one direction faded a little, they were ordered to stay somewhere for the summer in america, hopefully somewhere that wouldnt attract press. A chance meeting changed their lives. Of course, like every other story, she falls for one of them. The problem is- this is real life.


3. The day after

Day 1
I rolled around in bed for an hour before facing the fact I had to get up. Was last night real? I shrugged and looked at my phone. No new messages. I got up and walked to the mirror. I was still in my gown from graduation and my hair was messy. I felt my phone vibrate. I picked it up and looked at the number. I had no idea who it was. I stared at the text. A young girl, probably in her teens was curled up in a ball hugging a pillow that had one direction on it. I then looked closer. Oh wait- that was me. My first thoughts were 'I'm being stalked!' and then I calmed myself and walked down stairs.
"good morning!" my mom called. "hi." I said, sitting down to eat my bacon. "can you believe your college is starting soon?!" she asked. "no..." I said unhappily. "five voys I know you love came over today." she said. I didn't want to ask who because I knew they were from my school. "ya?" I said. "they asked if they could stay here for as long as they could." she said. "who are-" I started to say, but froze up when I felt warm hands on my shoulders. "GOOD MORNING!" called a happy voice. "L-LIAM?!" I yelled, three more boys following. I looked around. "where's Niall?" I asked. "sleeping!" Zayn said. I nodded and thought. Yolo. "let's go wake him up." I said, going up the stairs.
We were in his room when I started singing. "the mornings here. Wake up. Smell the roses. Love the aroma..." then the other boys came in. "WAKE UP! IT'S TIME TO WAKE UP IF YOUVSLEEP ALL DAY YOU-" they were cut off by an agrovated Niall. "I've been awake for ten minutes!" he yelled. "then why didn't you come down for breakfast?" I asked. "I wanted to hear the voice of an angel." he flirted. I blushed and pushed him off the bed. He got up and, with the other boys, walked down stairs. It hit me then. Oh. My. Fudgin. God. I live with one direction- for as long as mom allows it.
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