Summer vacation

Allison Dearly just graduated from high school. After one direction faded a little, they were ordered to stay somewhere for the summer in america, hopefully somewhere that wouldnt attract press. A chance meeting changed their lives. Of course, like every other story, she falls for one of them. The problem is- this is real life.


2. The boys

Everyone went silent. The man sat back down. We all walked around. There was an unusual crowd forming around the seats. I just watched because I knew I couldn't get closer. But then I realized it was getting closer to me. I scaredly hid behind my chair. All of the sudden five boys were standing Infront of me. "h-hello der..." I said shyly. "hello love." said one. I would realize him anywhere. Suspenders, toms, and the striped shirt. Louis Tomlinson. "hi!" said another one. I would know that upbeat personality, smile, and eyes anywhere. Niall Horan. "hello." said another one from earlier. Plaid. Liam Payne. "hello." said another. Curly hair, cheeky smile, Harry styles. The last stood quietly, black hair and really brown eyes. Zayn Malik.

"why are you talking to us?" I asked them. "you're sitting over here lonely" Niall answered. " why are you here anyways?" I asked again. "because we have to sing moments for graduation." they answered. "and now- ONE DIRECTION!!!" the announcer said happily. "that's our cue!" Louis said, turning on his microphone. "hello graduates!" he tested. Liam threw his arm around me. I gently laughed as he turned on his microphone. "these young girls need entertainment!" he said. I kinda blushed. "your turning red" summer whispered in my ear. "um! Um! I-" I started to say. "duet?" Niall asked. "wha-wha- what?!" niall dragged me on stage. "but I-" I started to say before a song I knew started to play. A song everyone knew.

I sang along to the lyrics until I realized I was the only one singing. Niall and Liam were in aw. I blushed and stepped down from the stage. "no! Keep singing!" Louis yelled. I shook my head and hid behind summer as they did their song, moments. As the night passed, the boys only hung out with us. It felt wrong to hog them. The party could only go on for another twenty minutes. "hey, what's your name?" they asked me. "A-Allison..." I said. "well what's your number?" Harry asked. I wrote my number on five slips of paper and gave it to them. They left happily.
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