Summer vacation

Allison Dearly just graduated from high school. After one direction faded a little, they were ordered to stay somewhere for the summer in america, hopefully somewhere that wouldnt attract press. A chance meeting changed their lives. Of course, like every other story, she falls for one of them. The problem is- this is real life.


1. Graduation

"now here's a word from one of our classmates of senior college!" the announcer said. I walked to the intercom as the crowd cheered. I felt odd. Everyone knew. I pushed my blonde hair back and waited for a question. "what did u do this summer?" the announcer said. Everyone already knew. One cannot put in a few lines what they did, so let's go back 93 days.
Day 0:
I took the books out of my locker and set them next to me. As I did, a gorgeous red head appeared behind me. "are you ready?" she asked. I nodded, even though I wasn't. After this summer, I was being shipped to London for college. Goody. I put the books in my back pack. "you know those moments when you want to do something just to get it over with, but yet you don't want what comes next?" I asked. "I do NOT want to be- be shipped to another continent for college. The american theme started to play. "it's starting!" summer, the red head, yelled. "no! I thought it was the theme to star wars!" I joked. We ran to the auditorium.
Good times we had in here. I loved this school and hated leaving. Running in, everyone turned around to us. My other best friend, kamryn, face palmed herself. "hello der..." I said, running up on stage. They began by saying "let's have our class valedictorian speak." the announcer said. I got up to the podium and gave my speech. They then started calling out names. As they did, I noticed an unusual commotion in the back. All the girls were fan girling. And then it hit me at the end. "any more words to say to the class?" the guy asked. "Follow your dreams!" I heard a familiar voice say. Before I turned I knew who it was. Liam. Payne.
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