Picture Perfect

It all started with a job. Chloe Miller had a job. As a photographer. In London. For the hit t.v. show XFactor. She never new that the five boys she became best friends with would end up being the most popular boy band in the world. She never knew that they would would break their promise either. Or her heart.


2. Welcome to London

The 6 1/2 hour flight to London was torture. I made sure I got the aisle seat or else I would get panick attacks. The woman next to me didnt speak English, the food tasted like crap and I only slept for 2 hours so the other 4 and a half was spent listening to music and playing games on my iPhone. Not exactly the best flight.

When the plane finally landed, i walked into the airport with my Louis bag and almost kissed the ground. Planes made me nervous, I didnt like them. I stopped to get a coffee at a stand in the airport since it was already 1:45 in the afternoon and i still hadnt had any to wake me up. I also ordered a croissant because the plane food wasnt enough.

I was sitting at a little round table sipping my coffee and eating my croissant when my phone started vibrating. I looked at the caller I.D. then answered.

"Hey Jade," I spoke into my phone.  "Chloe! How was your flight?" My cousin asked. Her voice was perky and cheery and could make anyone happy just by listening to it. "Not gonna lie, it kinda sucked," I laughed. "I know, I know. Anyway, I'll be at the airport in half an hour to pick you up! I'll text you when I'm there!" Jade said than hung up. 

I finished my food than made my way to the baggage claim. I was heading towards the exit when I got a text from Jade. "outside, got a spot in front to the left. im the white fiat" it read.  I walked outside and looked to the left to see Jade leaning against her car playing with her phone. "Jade!" I called as I ran towards her. I gave her a huge hug. We only got to see each other once a year- twice if we got lucky.  "Hey little cuz!" Her deep blue eyes twinkled with happiness as she flashed her pearly white teeth at me. They were almost the same color as her shoulder length, platinum blonde hair. "Here let's get your bags in the trunk." She lifted my two suitcases into the trunk then went around to the drivers side and got in the car.

I got into the passengers seat and put my seat belt on.  It was weird in Europe, how the steering wheel was on the right side of the car and you drove on the right side of the road. It was definitely something to get used to. In the car, Jade and I talked about everything. We told each other about our college experiences. She was a business major in her 2nd year. Her dream is to be a CEO of a big company. She lived in a flat with her boyfriend Mark, who she's been with for 3 years and is deeply in love with. I met him once a couple of years ago. He's nice, funny and British. He already finished college and works as a science teacher.

When we pulled up to the building Jade lived in, she helped me take my bags up to the 3rd floor where her flat was. It was a nice place. The kitchen was opposite the front door in the left corner of the flat. On the right side of the flat was the living room with a big, comfy couch and a large t.v. There were three other doors as well but they were all closed. "Here it is! Your new home for the next few months," Jade said putting my bags down. "It's not much and there's only one bedroom but the couch pulls out into a bed so you can sleep there." "It's fine. Thank you for all of this Jade," I replied. She smiled at me. "Anytime little cuz. Mark is at work but he should be home in a couple of hours. I'll show you the rest of the place." 

Jade put my bags next to the couch and walked to the door right near the t.v. "This is just a closet. It's big enough to be a bathroom but we just keep things in here like cleaning supplies and such. You can keep your stuff in it," she explained. "The door over there, closest to the kitchen is my bedroom and the one next to it is the bathroom. So now that you know where everything is, are you hungry?" I told her I was starving so we went to get a bite to eat at a little diner a few blocks away. After that we met up with Mark at the school he works at and they took me for a little tour around London. Mark was a tall 25 year old with light brown hair and dark brown eyes. He was good looking and him and Jade made a cute couple.

We spent the rest of the day walking around London and then we went out to eat at a fancy restaurant for dinner. By the time we got back to the flat, I was exhausted.  "Better get to sleep Chloe, you start work bright and early tomorrow morning. I'll drive you there on my way to work. Be ready to leave by 6:30," Mark said. "Ok, thanks Mark! Goodnight," I said and he walked into his bedroom as Jade came out of the bathroom.  "You nervous Chlo?" My cousin asked me as she helped me set up my bed.  "A little bit. This is the chance of a lifetime... my big break. I don't wanna mess this up especially since I'll be working with THE Simon Cowell and not to mention future super stars," I answered. Jade laughed. "Try not to think about it too much. Just do what you do best- take pictures." I smiled and said goodnight to her. I went to bed that night a little less nervous and 10 times more excited for the next few months to come

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