Picture Perfect

It all started with a job. Chloe Miller had a job. As a photographer. In London. For the hit t.v. show XFactor. She never new that the five boys she became best friends with would end up being the most popular boy band in the world. She never knew that they would would break their promise either. Or her heart.


6. Showtime

*Chloe’s POV*

Four times. Four times I called him last night and he didn’t answer once. Why wouldn’t Zayn answer me or call me back? And after what he said to me too, I was beginning to like Zayn too. I told Jade and she said to call him. I even texted him too. 

"Did he answer you last night?" Jade asked at breakfast on the day of the show. I shook my head, staring down at my scrambled eggs. "Well talk to him tonight, I'm sure he had a good reason." 

"I hope so, Jade, I hope so," I said. 

Jade had to go to her classes and then I was left home alone. I decided just to sit, relax and watch some t.v. 

There wasn’t a lot on so I decided to upload all my photos that I took so far onto my laptop. I got my camera and laptop and got to work. I tried not to look at the pictures of Zayn a lot otherwise I would just be reminded of what he said and how he never answered. I spent the rest of the day just relaxing in my pajamas like I used to do back home. 

When it was almost time for the show and I was getting ready I got a Skype call from my brother Tommy. I picked it up to see both my brothers and my parents on the screen. 

"Hey guys!" I exclaimed, waving at them.

"Hey Chlo! How's everything?" Andy asked. 

"Pretty good, I'm just getting ready to go to the first live show now!" I replied. We talked for a little while longer and then I told them I had to go and went to continue getting ready. 

I decided to wear dark denim capris with a big, white, rhinestone belt, a pink and white varsity jacket over a white tank top and my gray converse. I curled my hair and then brushed it out so it fell loosely to the middle of my back. I applied my little bit of make up, grabbed my bag with the usual things then went to wait for Jade and Mark, who were coming too.

When we were all ready, we took Jade's Fiat to the theatre. It was really crowded but since I was an employee I got good seats. 

"Chloe!" Someone behind me yelled.

I turned to see Danny running towards me, his boyfriend following close behind.

"Hey Danny! Long time no see!" I exclaimed as he bent down to give me a kiss on the cheek. "This is my cousin Jade and her boyfriend Mark." I introduced them. 

"Nice to meet you two!" Danny said, shaking their hands. "This is my boyfriend, Matt." 

We all said hi to each other than made our way to our seats. The first few rows in the front closest to the stage were reserved for employees and the contestants families. I took a seat in between Danny and Jade. As we waited for the show to start, I told Danny everything that happened with the boys. He was starting to become my gay best friend, even though he was 7 years older than me. I was definitely going to miss him when I left London. He gave me the same advice about the situation as Jade did- talk to him and be honest about my feelings.

Soon the show started and the light went down. It was a long show and the boys were last. When the announcer announced One Direction the crowd went crazy and I couldn’t help but smile. The music started and the boys came out. Liam started the song and he looked so happy on stage. He did have an amazing voice. I kept my eye on Zayn when it was his part, praying he didn’t mess up and luckily he didn’t. His voice was my favorite. When he was done I saw him glance down at me but then quickly look away. Niall's part started and he was so cheerful and enthusiastic. Then once the chorus started Harry looked down at me, winked and smiled. They sounded even better now then they did at sound check. I made eye contact with all of the boys at least once, except for Zayn who was purposely trying to avoid me- I could tell. They all looked so cute up there too. 

When they finished, the crowd went crazy. The judges had nothing but positive things to say and I was so happy for them. When the show was over and everyone began filing out of the theatre, I said goodbye to Danny and Matt and waiting outside with Jade while Mark got the car. 

"So what did you think of them?" I asked Jade.

"They were very good! They were so cute and they do have pretty amazing voices," Jade admitted. I laughed and then felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I pulled it out and saw a message from Niall.

"how did u like the show???" it said.

"loved it! You guys were amazing!" i quickly typed. 

"Who was that?" Jade asked, peering over my shoulder.

"Oh that was Niall, the blonde one," I responded. 

"Aw he was cute up there, so enthusiastic," Jade said absentmindedly.

I got another text from Niall. "thanks Chlo!! Want to come out to eat with me and the boys? We'll pick u up in front of theatre..?" 

I asked Jade if it was ok and she said it was fine. I texted Niall back and told him that I would come. Mark came by with the car and Jade left me. I sat there alone on the curb for  ten minutes waiting for the boys. I hugged my body because it was so cold out and was about to text Niall asking where they were when they pulled up in the same black truck. 

"Get in!" Niall yelled from the passengers seat.

I practically jumped into the car and was forced into the back with Harry.

"What took you so long? It's freezing out there!" I exclaimed, teeth chattering.

"Sorry babe, Simon was congratulating us back stage and wouldn’t let us leave," Harry apologized. "Here, I'll warm you up." He slung an arm around my shoulder and cuddled me close. He was comfortable and warm though it felt awkward with Zayn in the car. I saw Zayn's hand clench the armrest tightly where he sat in front of me. He hadn’t looked at me or said anything the whole time, he just stared out the window.

"You guys did great tonight!" I said, cuddling closer to Harry. I was mad that Zayn was ignoring me. Did I do something wrong? 

"Thanks Chloe, we appreciate it. It's so nerve racking up there in front of all those people," Liam admitted.

"Yeah, Harry even wet his underpants," Louis added. All the boys laughed- except Zayn. I quickly sat up and moved away from Harry, pretending to be grossed out.

"Hey, don’t listen to him! That's a lie, my underpants are perfectly clean and have been all night!" Harry persisted, trying to pull me back. After a little longer of teasing Harry we pulled up at the restaurant. Harry allowed me out of the car first and I was hoping to bump into Zayn on the way out but he was already out of the car and walking towards the place. I saw him pull something out of his back pocket and put a lighter to it- it was a cigarette. 

"I didn’t know Zayn smokes," I whispered to Harry who had just gotten out of the car and was standing next to me.

"Oh- yeah he does. Not a lot but every once in a while he gets... the urge," Harry whispered back. 

"Hey, do you know what's up with Zayn? He's being very quiet," Liam asked, walking over to Harry and me.

"Nope, no idea," Harry said quickly. I decided not to bring up the incident between Zayn and I, now wasn’t the time.

"He'll be better after he gets some food in his system. C'mon Chloe, you're gonna love this place- Nandos is the best!" Niall said, coming over to walk next to me and putting an arm around my shoulder. I laughed and so did he. God I loved that laugh. 

Dinner that night was pretty good and I returned back to the flat exhausted. Jade wasn’t awake so I couldn’t tell her about my night. Not that it was that amazing anyway because Zayn wouldn’t talk to me all night, the closest thing I got to a conversation was a half smile and a "pass the bread". I cant believe I've been in London for less than a week and I already managed to become great friends with 5 attractive and sweet boys and then piss off one. I tried calling Zayn once before giving up and going to sleep. This was gonna be a long few months.


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