Picture Perfect

It all started with a job. Chloe Miller had a job. As a photographer. In London. For the hit t.v. show XFactor. She never new that the five boys she became best friends with would end up being the most popular boy band in the world. She never knew that they would would break their promise either. Or her heart.


9. New Life

*2 Years Later*

*Chloes POV*

The buzzing of my alarm clock woke me up at 6:30, as usual. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and rolled out of bed, yawning.

I walked over to my mirror and began brushing my long, dark brown hair. It was naturally wavy and fell down to the middle of my back. I had defined features and chocolate brown eyes. 

"Are you up sweetie?" I heard my dad call from downstairs.

"Yeah, I'm taking a shower," I yelled back.

Once I was done with my shower, I got dressed. I decided to wear a short sleeved plain white shirt with a faded denim vest and light blue shorts. I slipped my white vans onto my feet and then heated up my straightening iron. I did my make up while I waited for my iron to heat up and when it finally was, I made sure my hair was pin straight. When I finished getting ready it was 8 o'clock so I walked downstairs to see my dad sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee and reading the paper.

"Good morning honey, your breakfast is on the counter with your coffee," he greeted me. He was in his early 50s and had neat light brown hair (that was beginning to gray) and wore glasses. He always dressed nice and today he had on a green button down with black slacks and nice shoes. I thanked him then walked over to get my food and took a seat next to him. "Where's Mom?" I asked through a mouthful of pancakes.

"She had to go into work early today but she should be back by the time you're home," he answered. I nodded to show that I had heard him but was too engulfed in my pancakes to answer properly. When I was done eating he took me to work. I stepped outside into the warm California sun. Even though it was October, it was still pretty hot out.

A lot happened in 2 years. I was offered a permanent job for X Factor as their head photographer but since they came to the US in 2011, I didnt have to keep going back to the UK. Though I did do other jobs when X Factor wasnt going on, we decided to move to Los Angeles to make it easier working for X Factor. I insisted I moved alone since I was almost 18 but my parents wanted to come with me. It would be easy for them to get good jobs because they were so good at what they did and they were almost ready to retire anyway. 

When we told my brothers, Andy and Tommy, about the move, they had a different move in mind. They both wanted to work in the business career like my cousin Jade and she went to a very good college in London. Since they were 19 back when we moved a year ago, they were old enough to go to London by themselves. So they moved there and were kept a close eye on by Jade. They also came back to visit every once in a while too.

Speaking of Jade, during the beginning of 2011, her and Mark got engaged and they got married in the summer. I was so happy for them! And we got do go to London as a family and celebrate their marriage. My old friend Danny is doing well too. He did break up with his boyfriend Matt but it didnt bother him much. He still works for X Factor UK but does other things on the side. He came to visit me in America once and to see the last few shows of X Factor US. He stayed for 2 weeks. Danny and I still kept in touch.

As for my other friends I made in London, things werent all that great. I hated thinking about them. The five boys that were once my best friends the same ones that made a promise but broke it. I thought I could forget about them but boy was I wrong. One Direction was the most popular boy band in the world by the summer of 2012. I couldnt leave my house without hearing about them. I still had their phone numbers, even though they probably change them. They had promised to keep in touch and they did- but only for 2 months and then I never heard from them again. 

Not even Harry, my ex-boyfriend. He claimed that long distance relationships were too much for him when we broke up but I knew that he must have found out about what happened between Zayn and I right before I left them two years ago. That kiss we shared. Pictures of that went viral but I was lucky that One Direction wasnt that popular and the only good picture was the back of Zayns head so he told everybody it wasnt him. The public also knew about Harry and mines relationship but he made sure to tell everybody that we broke up right away. I didnt hear from Zayn once after the kiss and it left me hurt and confused. I never forgave them for what they did to me. While the whole world loved them, I couldnt help but hate them.

By now my parents and brothers knew about the boys and how i used to go out with Harry but they didnt know about Zayn. They didnt talk about them because they knew i didnt like them. Whenever One Direction came on the radio, my parents would hastily change the channel. I didnt mind listening to them though, I was still proud of how far they've come. 

When my dad dropped me off in front of the X Factor theatre, I said goodbye and walked in. Just another day at work; not that work was so boring though. Britney Spears and Demi Lovato were the new judges and I absolutely loved them. I've been a fan of Britney since before I could even understand what most of her songs were about and a fan of Demi since Camp Rock. It was so cool knowing that I was actually good friends with both of them now. Simon was still a friend of mine and my parents, my dad actually became his new lawyer. LA Reid was cool too though I didnt know much about him except that he worked with some of the biggest artists in the music industry. 

I greeted the security guard, Joe on the way in and headed towards the stage. Today was the last rehearsel before sound check for the contestants first ever live show on XFactor. I saw the four judges talking with different contestants giving them tips and such. I went backstage to put all my stuff down and felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see one of the new photographers, Jessie, looking at me eagerly. I was in charge of overseeing her work, like Danny did for me two years ago. Jessie was a short girl with curly black hair and hazel eyes. She was a pretty girl but acted like a little kid sometimes even though she was only a year younger than me.

"Hey Jess, you're early today," I greeted her. Well, she was always early. She was very goody goody and was always kissing up to everybody. 

"Yep, I try to be on time to everything," she replied.

"Good, well you can go ahead and get started on your pictures and then come back to me at the end of the day," I instructed her. She nodded and ran off.

I sat at a vanity reading a magazine when Demi walked backstage.

"Hey Chloe," she said with a big smile.

"Hey Dem, are your contestants ready for the live show?" I asked her.

"Yep, they sound great so far. Hows that girl, what's her name- Jessie? She's a ball of energy, that one," Demi laughed.

"Yeah, well she's a good photographer so she'll do," I replied. Demi nodded in agreement.

"What are you doing after work? Wanna go get some food with Britney and I?" She asked. 

"Yeah sure, sounds great!" I said and we went off to do our jobs. It was weird that I was just a photographer and managed to make friends with two huge pop stars. Well I wasnt just a photographer. I was Simon's lawyer's daughter and Simon was good friends with my dad. I was also like Simons personal assistant almost and helped him with whatever he needed.

When lunchtime came around Demi, Britney and I went to a diner to eat. I loved diner food but then again, who doesnt?

"So how are your contestants Britney!" I asked the blonde singer. 

"They're good, they're definitely gonna kick ass on Wednesday!" She exclaimed.

We all laughed and talked about random things for a little and then Demi change the subject from our favorite clothes to a subject I hated talking about.

"So Chloe, there's something I have to tell...," Demi said slowly.

"Ok... what is it?" I asked uncertainly.

"The boys are coming to the live show on Wednesday and staying here for a little. But they're going to be arriving here tomorrow," she finally said. 

I stared down at my food thinking hard. I knew who she meant when she said the boys of course- One Direction. When her and I started getting close I decided to tell her about what happened with me and them because she was such good friends with Niall so I figured that the subject would come up eventually. Britney knew too.

"Ok," I said blankly.

"Are you alright? Is it going to bother you?" Demi asked in a concerned voice.

"Well of course it's going to bother me but I cant stop them from coming," I pointed out. "Anyway, this was bound to happen eventually. They were already in LA once before and I was supposed to do a photo shoot for them but I called in sick."

"Dont worry about them sweetie, you gotta stay strong," Britney said, grabbing my hand and giving it a comforting squeeze. "Make them think you dont care about them anymore. Make them feel guilty for what they did to you." 

"I'll try, thanks Britney," I said, smiling at her. "But guys, just try not to point me out to them. Simon most likely knows what happened so tell him not too either. But if he needs an explanation tell him that... i wanna surprise them, ok?"

They promised me and then we finished eating. When I got home I told my mom what Demi told me. She told me not to let them bother me. I went to bed nervous that night. Tomorrow was going to be an interesting day.


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