Picture Perfect

It all started with a job. Chloe Miller had a job. As a photographer. In London. For the hit t.v. show XFactor. She never new that the five boys she became best friends with would end up being the most popular boy band in the world. She never knew that they would would break their promise either. Or her heart.


11. Close Call

I turned my head around to see Zayn staring at me. He's the one who said my name. He looked shocked to see me their, eyes wide and mouth slightly open. 

"Chloe Miller," he repeated but this time it wasnt a question, he knew it was me.

I dropped my camera and it hit the ground hard and broke into pieces. Zayn started coming off the stage towards me so I did the only thing I could think of doing- I ran. 

I ran out of the aisle and towards the door in the back. I ran right out of the theatre and into the parking lot towards the street. I didnt know where I was going I just knew I had to get away from Zayn. But it wasnt working. I could hear his loud footsteps behind me and my name being called. Then I ran right into the street without looking to see if there were any cars coming. I was halfway across when I heard the blaring of a car horn. I looked to see a big Escalade truck coming right for me. I was frozen to my spot with fear. I shut my eyes tight waiting for the end to come. 

I felt something hit me and I was thrown down to the ground. My impact was relieved by something soft. Am I dead? I thought. No I couldnt be. There was a tingling in my hand and feet and I could still hear, feel and smell. I kept my eyes shut tight still, scared to open them. I could hear someone breathing hard next to me. Felt something rapped around my waist. And smelled something good, something familiar. It was cologne. Then i heard the voice.

"Chloe?" It whispered softly. I deep, familiar voice. That accent, I loved that accent. "Are you okay babe, can you hear me?" The voice said again. 

I opened my eyes to find that I was looking into a pair of greenish- brown eyes. Dark hair fell right above his eyes. He had some stubble on his face that suggested he hadnt shaved in a couple of days. 

"Chloe it's me, Zayn," he said. 

I shook my head. Of course it was him. He was the one who ran after me. He was the one that said my name before. He was the one that broke my heart.

"Zayn," I said, a hint of anger in my voice. I realized that one of his arms were still wrapped around my waist. "What are you doing? What happened?" I said as I pushed him off me. I tried to get up but my body felt sore. He grabbed my arm so I wouldnt fall.

"Chloe relax for a minute okay," he instructed. I sat back down on the floor and put my head between my knees. I started to feel tears well up in my eyes and looked up. People were gathered in front of the theatre. The rest of One Direction, the judges, the contestants. 

"Hey girl! Are you alright? Hey!" A man called as he ran towards me. He was middle aged and had a nervous look on his face. I realized that he was the guy that almost hit me with his truck. And it was my fault.

"No I'm fine dont worry," I answered, looking up at him and smiling weakly.

He nodded and then made sure Zayn was okay. His left arm had a nasty scrape down it and it was bleeding but he would be okay. 

Demi came over to us next. "The ambulance is coming," she said to both of us. "Come on Chloe, i'll take you inside," she then said to me, helping me up.

"I'll come too," Zayn offered.

"No," I snapped at him. "You stay. I dont want to near me." 

"Wh-what... I- I just saved your life!" He stuttered with a surprised look on his face, once again. 

I shook my head at him then said calmly, "No Zayn, you broke my heart."


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