My vacation to england and meeting one direction!!! :D <3

Chapter 1:
My summer vacation to england and got to meet one direction! It was an amazing summer ever wit my family and the boys!!!


4. The date, set up and come stay with me!! :D

          I woke up around 10 and got my shower and all. Natasha help me pick out an outfit for my date with Harry. I wore a nice pink and blue dress. She helped me do my makeup. Since she pretty much played dress up with me so, i played it with her. The funny thing was me and Harry set a date up with her and Niall today with us.  After Harry knocks on the door for me and we left. We are gonna get Niall to Knock for Natasha and he will ask her then. Which i already dressed her up so she was ready for him. :) Me and Natasha toke pics of each other and then put them on Facebook and it was in the album dress up for a date! :)

         I just finished putting more lip gloss on when someone knocked on the door. I started to get really nerves but, so excited at the same. Natasha let Harry in and he looked shocked when he saw me. Harry-"You look amazing!!" :0 Me-" Thank you" :)  Natasha of course got pics of me before we left and i toke my camera so that i could get pics of her and Niall. When we left the room i started to record when Niall went to go knock on the door. He knocked and Natasha answered. Natasha-"Hey Niall if your looking for Harry  he just left with Kyrsten." Niall-"No im here for you Natasha" :) Natasha-"Why did i do something wrong?" Niall-"No, I wanted to know if would like to go on a date with me?" :) Natasha-"I would LOVE to Niall!!!" :'D

        She was so shocked when she saw me taping her and Niall but, she couldn't stay mad at me when she found out me and Harry set this up. :D Natasha-"Thank you Kyrsten and Harry i'm so happy for yous and i wasn't expecting this at all." Me-"That's why i dressed you up to. Are you ready for the double date??" :D Natasha and Niall-"YES!!" Harry-"im ready 2!!" we all went to eat at a fancy restaurant we went back to Harry's house Niall and Natasha went swimming in the pool while, me and Harry went into his room watched movies and cuddled. Later on we all went to watch the sunset and sat around a fire and told stories. :D

         On the way back to the hotel Harry asked me if me and my family wanted to stay at his house for free while we are over here for the summer? Me-"i say yes but i have to see with my family." Harry-"Do you want me ask them because i know they cant say no to my adorable face." :D i laugh and say with a big smile on my face "Yes please" When we got back Harry asked and they said yes. So we packed up and went to his house.

           Harry had a big house. He had 5 bedrooms and  3 bathrooms. I stayed in Harry's with him, Natasha with Niall,  my mom and dad stayed in the one room. My sisters Brylee and Alivia stayed in the other one. Since it was only 9 we decided to have fireworks and a fire with smores. Alivia and Brylee fell asleep around 9:30 so they missed some of the fireworks. Everyone was having some much funny Natasha and Niall sat together by the fire. Me and Harry sat by the pool with our feet hanging in it while holding hands and watching the fireworks.

           i had my head on his shoulder. Me-"Harry i love you with all my heart" Harry-"I love you to Kyrsten with all my heart" Then we kissed :* and Natasha toke a pic of us because that was her favorite thing to do. I got up and ran over laid in the grass. Harry looked confused at first and then he came over. :) After watching the stars i fell asleep and Harry carried me in to the bedroom and fell asleep holding me close to him. :D 


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