My vacation to england and meeting one direction!!! :D <3

Chapter 1:
My summer vacation to england and got to meet one direction! It was an amazing summer ever wit my family and the boys!!!


5. sick! :P

         They next day i slept in really late. When i woke up Harry wasn't there. I just laid there because i wasn't feeling good so, i grabbed my laptop and my cell. I posted all my pics and updated my relationship to in a relationship with Harry Styles. I finally got up and looked around the house and no one was home. i went back into the bedroom and laid down. After a half an hour I was bored so i called Louie to see what he was up to. Louie-"Hello" Me-"Hey Louis, what you up to?" Louis-"Nothing much bored and not feeling to good. How about you?" :P Me-"Same here and i have no idea where Everyone is." :( Louis-"Do you want  me to come over and hang with ya today we can be sick buddies?" :D Me-"Yes Please if you don't mind?" Louis-"ill be over in 20mins" Me-"thanks Louie" :) Louis-"No problem

            I herd the car door so, i ran to the door making my stomach even more uneasy. I opened the door and yelled Louie and gave him a big hug. We sat on the couch and watched a movie and ate popcorn. Me-"Im bored. We should bake a cake!!" :D Louie-"Sure!!!" :D Me-"Can you bake?" Louie-"sort of if you count having an exploded cake. Can you?" Me-"Yeah only now and then" im thinking to myself "This is gonna Be fun!!" :D We got all the stuff together that we needed. While we were making it me and Louie had a flour fight. By the time the cake was done the kitchen was white.

           Louie blew up some balloons with helium that he got out of the guest house. I decorated the cake with icing and it said "SICK BUDDIES" :D I put candles around the letters and then we sang what ever came to our minds. Then we smeared cake in each others faces, sprayed silly string, had the music blasting while we danced, sang and toke pics the whole time we did all that. Harry and all them came home to me and Louie singing and dancing in the white colorful kitchen.

          We both stopped dancing and singing, looked up to Harry staring at me and Louie. Then he toke pic and sent it to Facebook saying "This is what happens when I leave my girlfriend's at home together!! I love them both with all my heart and soul" :D

         Of course we cleaned up and we weren't aloud to be trust home alone again! :( Louie and Me both said to each other at the same time "DAME THAT WAS FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!" :D

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