My vacation to england and meeting one direction!!! :D <3

Chapter 1:
My summer vacation to england and got to meet one direction! It was an amazing summer ever wit my family and the boys!!!


1. Meeting them!! :D


          It was the first month of summer and i wanted to go to england. Me and my family planned a trip to go over there and i was able to take a friend. i toke my best friend Natasha. When i told her about it she couldn't believe it. We were going to leave the next day.

          The next day we got packed and headed to the airport. It toke about 2hrs to board the plane. Me and natasha toke our laptop s so that we could tlk to our friends and upload our new pics. Since i love one direction with all my heart and soul i had my bag, blanket and pillow with them on it. I wore my one direction shirt, shoes and my design pants to match. All my stuff was them!!

           As i was sitting there i heard a fimilar voice and as i look back there were the boys. My heart dropped. Me-"Natasha look behind us!!!!" Natasha-"what? There's only other people, nothing that important." i thought to myself im only a small town girl and there right behind me. I finally got natasha to look back and when she did she almost screamed.

            Harry was my fav out of all them. I kept looking back at him. He smiled and waved to me. I waved back as i turned red. My mom and Dad kept looking over at me and said Awwww...! I fell asleep for about an hour and i was woken up by harry laughing at Louis making funny faces. When harry got up to go to the bathroom i said hi to him and  he said hi and smiled. Where we were sitting there was three seats. Natasha sat by the window and i sat in the middle.

                  When harry was walking back he stopped and asked me "Is there anyone sitting next to you?" I said to him "no" He walked back to his seat as i toke my cell out to see my messages there was someone standing next to me. I look up and harry was standing there with his stuff. He sat down and smiled at me. Me-"hey" Harry-"hey my name is harry, whats yours?" Me-"my name is kyrsten and i know who you are harry styles." Harry just smiled and looked at me with his beautiful green eyes. Harry-"i think your really beautiful and i was going to come up before but, you were talking to your friend" Me-"Awwww..thank you harry, you could have came up anyway and her names Natasha" Harry and i talked the rest of the way there and ate twix together.

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