My vacation to england and meeting one direction!!! :D <3

Chapter 1:
My summer vacation to england and got to meet one direction! It was an amazing summer ever wit my family and the boys!!!


3. Hanging with the boys!!!! :D

          Harry drove us over to his house to meet up with the boys. When we got there harry introduced me and Natasha to Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn. We all got into the van that they had and we went to the beach. Louis drive and Zayn sat up front with him. Liam, Niall and Natasha sat in the middle and me and Harry sat in the back. You could tell that Niall liked Natasha. Louis started singing with Zayn to im sexy and i know it...then everyone joined in to. :)

           When we got there we all ran and jumped into the water. We played chicken. I was on harry's shoulders, Natasha's on Niall's, Louis was on Liam's and Zayn was just trying to pull us all down. Louis and Liam won that round then we all switched Harry was on Louis, I was on Zayn, Natasha was on Liam, and Niall just laughed like he always does. Harry and Louis won. After we were done in the water we just sat on the beach making sand castle and buring each other.

           We rinsed off in the water and laid on the beach watching the sunset. Harry and me sat together, Niall and Natasha, and the others were making jokes and all that. Harry-"the sunset is very beautiful." Me-"it is" Harry-"And so are you. I'm glad i met you kyrsten. Your funny, adorable, cute, amazing,  and quiet but that's ok with me." Me-"Awwww...thank you harry. Your really funny, adorable, extraordinary, and talkative unlike me but that OK with me to." :D Harry-"Awwww...thank you Kyrsten. Do you believe in love at first sight." Me- "I suppose so." Harry-"Well i do and i think i just realized it." Me-"How so?" Harry-When i look into your eyes its like the whole world stops...Kyrsten i think i love you." :) Me-"Really? Cause i always loved you and before you didn't even know that i existed." :) Harry-"Well i do and i have been looking for a girl like you my whole life and i just found her and i'm not letting her go no matter what!!" :D

          Harry toke us back to the hotel. He met my family. Harry-"since that wasn't really a date would you like to go on a date tomorrow?" Me-"I would love to harry." Harry-"Ill pick you up around noontime. If that's OK with you?" Me-"Yes that's OK" Harry-"you know what we should do?" Me-"What?" Harry-"get Natasha and Niall together for a date" Me-"We should. They look really cute together." As Harry walked me to my room he held my hand. When we got to my room Harry put his arms around me, told me i was beautiful and kissed me!! :*

          I then went into the room and Natasha was playing on her phone. I jumped on my bed and told her what happened. Then i asked her Me-"Do you like Niall?" Natasha-"yeah, but i don't think he likes me the same way." :( Me-"i think he does. Do you want me to get harry to ask him?" Natasha-"if you can please" Me-"ill text him right now and ask him" Natasha-"Thank you. Your such a great friend. Im glad to have an amazing friend like you Kyrsten." Me-"i know i am and so are you." :) Natasha-"well i gonna head to bed." Me-" Goodnight." I then got a message from Harry saying "I had an amazing day with you. cant wait for tomorrow....goodnight beautiful I LOVE YOU!!" I started to cry cause it was my dream to meet them and go out with Harry and now its finally coming true. I sent "I did to, goodnight,  and I LOVE YOU 2!!!"

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