My vacation to england and meeting one direction!!! :D <3

Chapter 1:
My summer vacation to england and got to meet one direction! It was an amazing summer ever wit my family and the boys!!!


2. finally in england and getting settled!! :)

       When we were getting off the plane me and harry exchanged numbers and i gave him the room number and hotel that i was going to be staying in. Me and Natasha got our own room. I went got a shower and got ready to go shopping for the whole day with Natasha. When i got out i looked at me phone and i got 1 missed call from an unknown number. Natasha-"About a minute after you got in the shower it went off. I didn't know who it was so i didn't answer it." Me-"Its all good. I'm gonna call them back."

         I went into the hallway and called  the number back. They answered it and didn't say anything so i did. Me-"Hello?" Person-"Hey, whats up?" Me-"Who is this??" Person-"O sorry, its harry!" Me-"ooo..Harry, whats up??" Harry-"Do you and Natasha wanna hang out wit me and the guys?" Me-"of course, we would love to!!" Harry-"Ok i will be there in a half an hour." Me-"kks harry."

         I ran into the room and started jumping on the bed and yelling to natasha get dressed we are going to spend the day with one direction!!!! I ran over to my parents room and told them. My sister alivia was so happy for me. Me and Natasha went down stairs. There was harry waiting for us by the door. I ran over to him and gave him a big hug. :D

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