My vacation to england and meeting one direction!!! :D <3

Chapter 1:
My summer vacation to england and got to meet one direction! It was an amazing summer ever wit my family and the boys!!!


7. end of summer! :"(

      It was the end of summer and i didnt want to leave harry! The last two weeks before leaving i spent with the family and the guys and the other week i spent only with harry. It was really emotional for me and him. The day before i left we watched the sunset. Harry-"I don't know what im gonna do with out you..but i will come see you in a couple of weeks after you leave!!" ;) Me-"I feels like just yesterday we were on the plane talking" :) Harry-"i hope that work without you here cause i might not be-able to think without you here helping me" ;) Me-"i think you'll manage and you have Louis here to so..." Harry-"But its not the same!" :( Me-"I know but we'll make it throw" Harry-"I love you Kyrsten!" ;) Me-"I love you to Harry!" :)

     Today is the day im leaving. Harry is nowhere to be found. Im packing my stuff when someone grabs me from behind. I turn to find Harry there holding a  teddy bear that says "ill miss you  with all my heart" Me-"Awwww.." Harry has a tears forming in his eyes which makes me tear up to. Harry-"Im really going to miss  you Kyrsten.." a tear streams down his face. I go over to him and wipe it away. Me-"Harry it will be gonna miss you to." Harry hugs me and whispers in my ear "Im gonna steal you so that you can never leave me" I start to laugh when harry picks me up takes me down stairs and out the back door. im thinking to myself is he really going to steal me? :) Next minute i know im under water. When i float back there's harry at the edge of the pool with the biggest smile on his face. I go over to him and say"That's not fair that im in here and your not." Harry-"Yeah it is" I grabbed his leg and made him fall in the pool. He came over and kissed me. Me-"I love you" Harry-"I love you more"

       My flight left in about an hour. We got every thing packed and in the van. I said good bye to Harry's mom, the guys and the girls. Me and Harry sat in the back why he held me. We got there and Louis was there for  harry after i leave. Harry-"Im gonna miss you so text me all the  time." Me-"I will every second i get and oovoo me tonight!" :') Harry-"i will babe...i love you with all my heart and soul" :) Me-"I love you with all my heart and soul to Harry" Before we got on the plane my mom got pictures of me and harry, him and my sisters, then a family pic with harry in it and then of course me and Lou (the goofballs)! :) My mom yelled at me and him cause she had to keep taking pictures cause we kept making funny faces.

      We got on the plane back to Pennsylvania. It toke about 5 hours back. I totally forgot that we got our house taken down and a new one built with 5 rooms and three bathrooms. It was huge. When i walked in i went upstairs and found my room it was designed the way i wanted it. It was pink, i had my own bathroom and walk in closet. There was a step to get up on my bed. I also had a balcony. When i walked out we had an in-ground pool, trampoline, swing set, a deck, and tree-house.......

  If you want me to write a sequel just comment below....i already have ideas for it!! :) 

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