My vacation to england and meeting one direction!!! :D <3

Chapter 1:
My summer vacation to england and got to meet one direction! It was an amazing summer ever wit my family and the boys!!!


6. a month later....

          It was a month later and Harry surprised me by taking me and  everyone to an amusement park for the day. I was getting ready when i heard Natasha. By the time i started walking towards the door it flew open. She came in, sat down on the bed and put her head down. Me-"Whats wrong?" Natasha-"Me and Niall don't talk that much anymore...I think he might be cheating on me." :( Me-"He would never do that!" Natasha-"Well why isn't he talking to me like we use to?" Me-"Maybe hes just been busy and all." Natasha-"Probably" Me-"Don't even think about..just go get ready..we'll talk more when we get back tonight." Natasha-"OK thanks Kyrsten." :) Harry came as i was putting my shoes on and sat down next to me on the bed. Harry-"Are you excited to go?" Me-"Yessss...Are you??" :) Harry-"of course im ready and i happy to be with you Kyrsten." He then kissed me :* and said "Happy 1 Month anniversary babe!!" :D Me-"Happy 1 Month babe!!" :D

        We all got in the vans around 9:00. While on the way there we we're listening to the radio and singing. "What Makes You Beautiful"  came on, on the radio! Louis turned up and all started singing there parts while me and Natasha sang along with them. When Harry's part came on he looked right at me, sang and then kissed me passionately. :* Its was so sweet. :D Everyone in the van smiled and said Awwww...

        We got there around 10:30. Louis brought Eleanor along, Liam brought Danielle, and Zayn brought Perrie. My family and Harry's mom came with. My sisters were so excited, they started to scream as they were getting out of the other van. It was so amazing to be with one direction and my family hanging at an amusement park for the day!! The first ride we went on was a roller coaster, Me-"Im scared of roller coasters!" :( Harry-"Well what if i hold your hand??" Me-"OK because you be there to me safe. :D Harry-"Kyrsten, I will always keep you safe no matter what." Me-"Thank you so much Harry, I love you!" Harry-"I love you to." :D (Kiss)

        After we went on a couple more rides we decide to get something to eat. My parents and Harry's mom toke my sister on the little kid rides and the our group did our on thing. Natasha-"sooo...what do yous want to do when we get home?" Me-"It doesn't matter as long as im wit all of yous!"  Louis-"We could watch movies?" Liam-"Go night swimming" Eleanor-"We should camp-out!" Me-"But we don't have tents!" Harry-"We could stop on the way home and buy them!" Louis-"YAY!" Me-"We should do that tomorrow and just watch movies all night!" :D Zayn-"Kyrsten has a good idea, movie night tonight and camping out tomorrow" Perrie-"This is gonna be so much fun." :D

          We got back to the house around 10:00. Danielle pick out a scary movie. While the boys moved the couch and laid down blankets and all. After Danielle picked out a movie all the girls were in the kitchen gossiping and just talking. Natasha-"I cant believe i met one direction and now im dating Niall Horan!" Me-"Me to! Its just to unbelievable. How we were only two best friends in a small town and now we are with to amazing guys in the world." Eleanor-"We are all so very lucky to be with the guys!!" :D Perrie and Danielle-"Yeah we are!!"

           All of us laid together on the floor. Every time i had to pee Harry had to walk me there and stay outside the door and wait for me. The movie was going over and Everyone was sleeping but me and Harry. Me-"Harry i have to pee." Harry-"OK lets go." When i came out of the bathroom Harry wasn't standing there. Its was pitch black so i felt for the wall and all of a sudden someone grabbed me from behind and picked me up. I screamed! :0 Luckily i didn't wake anyone up. I turned around to find Harry smiling at me. Harry-"Im sorry i didn't think you would scream like that." :/ Me-"Its OK Harry." Harry-"Do you wanna head to bed?" Me-"Yeah please" Harry picked me up and cared me to the bedroom and tucked me in. Harry laid next to me, put his arm around, and kissed my cheek. Me-"I love you Harry with all my heart and soul. Im so glad im with you and met you. Harry i never knew what love was until i met you!!" Harry-"I love you 2 with all my heart and soul. Kyrsten im glad i met you 2. I have been looking for you all my life and now i found you. Kyrsten you mean everything to me. I don't think i could live with out you." Me-"I wouldn't be able to live with out you either Harry...." As i was talking i feel asleep. Harry gave me a kiss again and fell asleep.............           

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