A day with Kay

Brooke is amazed when she is sundendly caught in the middle of a love triangle and only has her friend Kay to rely on.


1. Morning time

"Paige I think she is waking up!" I hear Chloe whisper from the doorway. I can hear her skip accross the floor to talk to Paige. "Don't be silly chlo she is out cold!" paige screams accross my room. "I wouldn't be so sure paigey!" I sit up and say. Immediately I hear laughter from Paige and Chloe "what! WHAT!" I scream "Nothing," Paige said taugnting me. "Fine" I said " Just get out!" As soon as they left I got my phone and look on the black screen and saw the black marker all over my face! "PAIGE!" I SCREAMED. I had to admit that it was kinda funny and I knew that it was just eyeliner. "3...2...1 BEEP." my phone gos off right on queue. It was Kay. "Hey baby cakes you up��!?!" Kay asks "You know it pumpkin face������! But I g2g to dance��" I replied. " OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!! Is HE gonna be there!?!" she asked. I didn't reply to that partially because I didn't know and partially because I didn't want to know if Nick was gonna be there. It has only been a week since I walked in on nick kissing Peyton on our bench in the local garden! "Brooke lets go!" my mom screams. I grab a pink sports bra and black booty shorts grow them on and put my hair in a bun while I run down the stairs and jump in the car. Off we go to Abby's place. I think to my self and then it happens!
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