Love at First Sight

After Jessicas parents get divorced and her and her brother our forced to move to America. Her brother loses his best friend Harry Styles. Will they ever meet again of course they will. Will she ever fall for Harry. Will she ever see her mother again? Who knows read more to find out!


4. Tour!

It's been 4 months since Harry left for tour. I've been at home at the bungalow. Harry texts me almost every single day and we Skype on the weekends. I'm scared though. Harry's coming back from your and I have a big surprise. 


Your insecure don't know what for your turning heads when you walk through the door!!! 
My alarm clock goes off. I'm still laying in bed. I turn over and smack the off button. Harry will be home in 4hours I think to my self. That means I got 4hours to clean up the bungalow. I decide to postpone the cleaning and go for a swim I put on my bikini and wade into the pool. It's freezing, I think to my self it is October Jessica! But it's really warm out. I quickly get out I'm still shivering. I walk back into the bungalow and pull on a dark orange shirt and yoga pants. I walk into the kitchen and I grab some doughnuts off the table and I slowly eat one. I walk into the bedroom. I lay down for about and hour watching tv. 2 hours till Harry gets back. I get up and pick up the living room. I then vacuum and mop the kitchen floor. The next thing I know I hear a car pull up the driveway. I smile and I walk to the door. I see Harry he runs up to the door and kisses me "Ive missed you so much!" he whispers into my ear. I wrap my arms around his neck and he puts his hands around my waist. He kisses me a passionate long kiss. He then slowly pulls away and he grabs my hands. "Jessica you look beautiful!" I smile "Harry I really need to tell you something." He frowns. I take his hand and I walk him into the bedroom. He sits next to me and puts a hand on my knee. "What is it Jessica!" I take his hand and hold it. "Harry I'm pregnant with your child.... I was meaning to tell you when you were on tour." Harry's face goes ghostly white "When did you find out?" he spits out. "A week after we met..." He pulls me into a hug. "Jessica.... This....this is..... Amazing!" he says into my ear. I smile and hug him. "Sorry I didn't tell you sooner." Harry laughs "Not to be mean or anything but when I saw you today I could tell you put on a little weight." I laugh and he grabs my hand and he walks me out to his car. "What are we doing Harry?" I say in his ear. "The guys deserve to know.... There staying at a near by hotel!" I smile and kiss his lips. He helps me into the car. When we get into the car he grabs my hand as he drives we hold hands. A few minutes go by and then we pull up to this beautiful hotel. Harry rolls down the window and looks at the bodyguard. He smiles and they lift up the arm and let us in. We park and Harry walks up to my door and opens it and leads me out. He puts his arm around my waist. I smile and he kisses my head "Jessica do you know what gender it is??" I look up at Harry. "A baby girl." Harry smiles. He kisses my forehead again. We then walk through the doors. Nobody's in the lobby. "Do you know what room the guys are in?" He shakes his head no. We run behind the counter and check the room list. "Louis is in 316 Niall 314 Zayn 310 an Liam 334." Harry kisses my cheek. We walk to the elevator and we go to the 3rd floor. Harry holds my hand. "How are we gonna do this Hazza?" He smiles "Well let's walk down get each guy and we will head to the lobby and tell them all at once." I smiled. "Okay I will get Niall and Liam you get Louis an Zayn." He shakes his head yes. "See you in the lobby babe." We smile as he kisses me. We walk down the hall I knock on Niall's door. Thankfully he opens it.  "Hey Jessica." He says hugging me. "Niall go to the lobby we need to have a group discussion!" "Why??" I shake my head "Stop being difficult and just go please!" Niall smiles then shuts the door "Fine." He mumbles as he walks down the hall. I then quickly run down to Liam's room. I knock really hard he answers "Hey Jessica!" He says hugging me "Hey" I reply back. "Come with me" I say as I grab his hand and shut his door. I run down the hall. Finally we get to the elevator. Louis is there and so I leave Liam and Louis. "I'll be back in a bit!" I reply. I walk over to Harry he is still trying to get Zayn out of his room. I see Zayn. "Hey" I say hugging him. "Hey" I grab his hand and drag him out of his room. "Come with us" I say as I drop his hand. We walk into the elevator Harry is holding my hand. "Why did I have to come!" Zayn protests. "Because." I say back sweetly. We get to the first floor and we walk out to the lobby. All the guys are there. Harry has his hand around my waist. Zayn sits next to Louis and Liam. Niall is sitting on his own chair eating Nachos. Harry and I sit on our own chair.
Liam: "Don't tell us your pregnant!" 
Zayn an Louis both start to laugh.
Niall just eats.
Liam: "It isn't funny you two. If they used protection they would be fine... Plus I don't think the have known each other long enough to be engaged."
Harry: (smiles) Liam I've known Jessica here since she was born.
Liam: Have you dated her for that long?
Harry: (laughs) well no. 
I tighten my grip on Harrys hand. 
Louis: so what did you two bring us here for?
Zayn: yeah I was in the middle of doing my hair!
Niall: I'm still hungry. 
I smile. 
Harry: Jessica is pregnant...
Liam: Harry are you lying?
Harry: No seriously.
Me: Liam I am... I have been pregnant for 5months now... A week after we met I got pregnant.
Zayn and Louis both drop to the floor laughing. Niall gets up and grabs some cookies. Liam's mouth drops open. Harry just sits there he puts his arm around my back and pulls me tight. I get up and I walk down the hallway towards the pool. I have tears running down my face. I walk a little bit farther before I slide down the wall. I keep my head in my hands. I hear someone running down the hall. I don't even look up. A few seconds go by and I feel a pair of hands wrap around my shoulders. "I'm sorry for what I said Jessica." It's Liam I can tell by his voice. I still keep my head in my hands he rubs my back. "Jessica I'm proud  I know you guys are meant to be I can see the love in your guys eyes. I just want to make sure your not moving to fast. Okay I'm sorry..." I feel Liam get up and walk away. I look up at him and watch him walk away I still have tears running down my face. I get up and walk farther down the hall. I look through the window and see my reflection. I look like I did when I first got here just tanner. I look down at my feet. I walk a little bit farther. Minutes go by and I feel a pair of strong hands wrap around my waist. I feel someone's head on my shoulder "Babe, I love you" I look over my shoulder it's Harry of course. I kiss his cheek. He spins me towards him, He wipes my tears away. "Harry" I whisper. He pulls me in for a hug "Jessica... I love you" I smile "I love you too Harry, but what if Liam is right?" Harry kisses my forehead. "What if we are moving to fast?" Harry wraps his hands around my waist. "Were not babe I promise." he kisses my cheek. "Let's go back to the lobby." I look at the floor "I don't know." He tilts my chin up to look at him "What's wrong babe?" I try to turn my head. "I feel embarrassed." He grabs my hand and takes me into the lobby he whispers into my ear "It's fine babe." When we get to the lobby no body is there. He puts his arm around my waist and walks me back out to his car. 
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