Love at First Sight

After Jessicas parents get divorced and her and her brother our forced to move to America. Her brother loses his best friend Harry Styles. Will they ever meet again of course they will. Will she ever fall for Harry. Will she ever see her mother again? Who knows read more to find out!


5. January

I wake up it's January 10th. I'm 9 months pregnant. Harry has a concert tonight just down the rode. 


Harry whispers into my ear "Sweetie I got to go. love you."  I smile as he kisses my cheek. His warm hands wrap around my belly. "See you later babe." I reply back as I sneak a quick kiss. "I'll be back in the morning babe." I smile. He leaves. I sleep in for a little longer. We have the house all set up for Baby Darcy to come. We have a crib and toys and clothes. We are planning on moving into a real house soon so Darcy can have her own room. I walk up to the kitchen and get my self a bowl of Cheerios. Harry texts me 'Babe, we have a concert tonight would you like to come? I forgot to tell you this morning.' I smile at my phone. 'Sure babe!' I then go and get dressed into yoga pants and a purple long sleeve shirt. I smile as I but my hair into a pony tail. Only a few more days till my baby is here. I lay in bed for a few more hours. It's about 5pm. I quickly put on a pair of yoga capris and a pink t-shirt. As I head out the door to go to the concert I get terrible contractions. I am bending down in pain. I call 911 and a ambulance quickly comes. When I get to the hospital. I call Harry. He doesn't answer. I'm still dying in pain.  A few minutes go by and my phone starts to pring. It's Harry. 
"Jessica were are you?" he says panicking. I cry as I'm in even more pain. "hospital... Im going into labor." Harry's voice drops. "I'll be right over babe!" I cry a little more "No Harry don't, finish the concert." I can hear the crowd in the background. Then the phone hangs up. 

Harry's POV:

      I hung up on Jessica. The crowd was booming. I walk out onto the stage. I tap the microphone. "Excuse me... I'm sorry but I can not sing tonight." Some fans are crying others are screaming  'Why!!' "I'm sorry but my beautiful girlfriend Jessica is in labor with my baby girl Sorry!" I run off stage, pass the boys. I run right out the door. I'm in the alley. I run as fast as possible down the rode. It's 3miles till I get to the hospital. I'm running as fast as I've ever ran before. It's pouring rain too.  When I get to the hospital I'm soaking wet and sweating, out of breath. "What rooms Jessica in?" I manage to spit out. "Her name?" "Jessica Hollar." The nurse nods and starts to type. "And you are?" I'm about to scream "The father of the baby she is about to deliver Harry Styles!" She smiles and points down the hallway "430." I run down the hallway and get to room 430. I knock on the door and walked in. Jessica is laying down crying in pain. When I see her I run over to her and kiss her forehead "I'm here for you babe!" She smiles "What about the concert." Before I can answer she grabs my hand, I don't mind. She is still crying and squeezing my hand. I quickly run out into the hall and scream for the nurses. Finally someone comes running down "What's the problem sir?" "My girlfriend is in serious pain and nobodys helping her." The nurse and I walk back into the room. "Well she's 10cm dilated and ready to give birth." I smile I grab Jessica's hand again and kiss her forehead. She soon gives birth to our first daughter at 12:45am on January 11th. Darcy Cassie Styles was 6 1/2pounds and 19 inches long. 

Jessica's POV:

Harry was there for me all though labor. After I gave birth to Darcy, Harry called up the boys. I was holding Darcy, Harry kisses my forehead "I love you Jessica" I smile. About 30minutes go by and Niall is at the door. He sees me laying in bed "Congrats Jessica." He says hugging me I hand him Darcy. He walks over with Darcy in his arms and sits on the couch. He holds her for about 20 minutes. I then fall asleep. When I wake up it's 9am. Harry walks over to me and kisses my forehead "Good Morning Beautiful!" I smile "Good Morning!" I look around the room Zayn is sitting on the couch feeding Darcy and Niall's eating a donut. "Did you ever decide who the godparents are?" Harry asked me." I nod! I pull his face down to my mouth. I first kissed him and then whispered into his ear. "Louis and Eleanor." He smiles. I kiss his cheek. About an hour goes by, Zayn and Niall both leave;but Louis and Eleanor show up. Eleanor hugs me and Louis picks up Darcy. She giggles "Looks like Darcy likes her new godparents!" I say laughing Eleanor looks at me "Really Jessica." I smile and so does Harry. "Yes!" I say happily. Louis laughs and him and Eleanor sit on the couch together holding Darcy. Harry sits on the edge of my bed. "What did you do about the concert?" Harry smiles. Louis then speaks up. "Oh he never told you?!" I look over at Louis "Tell me what?" Louis smiles "When you called saying you were in labor Harry walked out onto stage told everybody he couldn't sing tonight because his beautiful girlfriend was going to give birth to his baby. He then ran 3miles in the pouring rain to get to the hospital for you and Darcy." Harry blushes. I smile "Really Harry?" He nods and smiles. I pull him back towards me "That is so sweet." I say kissing his lips he kisses back. Later that after noon we were released to go home. Liam visited us when we got home. Louis came to and bought Darcy a nice pink stroller!
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